Reebok Men's Shorts - 5 Colors

34in waist is XL? Thanks for making me feel fat, Woot and Reebok.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

I know I am fat but according to the strange sizing chart I would need to get these in a non-existent XXXL for a 38" waist? Something is wack here…

Was logging on to buy 3 but 36" is XXL darn.

I’m between a 38" and 40" waist and I own a couple pairs of these sized large. I could go up to XL and be alright. But at 36" large would be the perfect size.

I bought 4 pair last may and have thrown them all out. They fall apart over time. They’re good for what they are, cheap shorts. Wouldn’t recommend them for any type of exercise use.
If you want cheap shorts to wear around the house, they’re fine.

For sizing, I bought larges and have a 36" waist and they fit fine.

I agree… XXL is 36"??? Is that before the elastic is stretched?

I wear 42 or 44 waist pants. Nothing here for me I guess…

First off, I ordered a red pair and a royal blue pair and received a royal blue pair and 2 navy pair. Not going to complain about the extra shorts though.

I agree that these shorts are cheap and fall apart easily. One pair I received has a hole in the pocket and the another started to come unstitched after one wash. Good for wearing around the house and sleeping in as one other reviewer stated, but that’s about it. They are comfortable though.