Reebok Men's Shorts

The sizing chart doesn’t agree with any shorts I’ve ever purchased. L is typically 36-38, and here it is 32.

I got these last time (just lats week I think). I usually wear a 34 waist and got a Large. They’re a touch short for my liking but they fit well elsewhere. I do have a big booty.

XXL is a 36" waist? My fat ass will never make it.

Just a heads up, these are the worst fitting shorts ever… Pockets are weird, my balls feel bunched up so much that I have to pull the shorts down which looks like I’m sagging then, and they are short.

Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but the guy in the blue shorts seems to be pulling a Jon Hamm in the picture on sport.woot (It’s his hand, but that’s no immediately obvious).

I should have looked at the sizing chart and these comments before buying. So small! I guess that’s why they are so cheap.

They’re not just very small in size, the pockets are even worse…‘less than tiny’ would hardly describe them! Only about a two-thirds of an average size wallet or cellphone will fit in the pocket.