Reebok Performance PlayDry Tees

Thank you Woot! for remembering the larger sized customers! So many times I miss out on the deals because 3XL sizes and above are not available options.

We dumped our cartfuls of shirts. Woot was charging tax, we don’t pay tax on clothing in our state and won’t pay it to Woot. That’s ridiculous and a rip off.

Check your cart before paying. It’s happened to us before and we didn’t realize it. When we sent email, we didn’t get a reply or credit.

Good catch! Clothing, including most sports clothing, is tax exempt in NJ.
I just noticed I got charged sales tax for the matching shorts that Woot had up a few weeks ago.
Thanks again for noticing this :slight_smile:

Well, damn if I didn’t notice that, either. This order and one a couple of weeks ago, too.

Not awesome, Woot. Not awesome.

Anyone know how much these shirts weigh?

Anyone know about the sizing of these. I’m hesitant to buy clothes on Woot after several incidence of sizing being way off and being out a fair amt of money buying multiple pieces.

Did you check out the specs? They’re pretty accurate as far as I know:

Men’s Size /Neck/Chest
XS 13" - 13.5" 35" - 36"
S 14" - 14.5" 37" - 38"
M 15" - 15.5" 39" - 40"
L 16" - 16.5" 41" - 43"
XL 17" - 17.5" 44" - 46"
2XL 18" - 18.5" 47" - 49"
3XL 19" - 19.5" 50" - 52"

Ordered August 22nd, still no sign of actually shipping. Come on, Woot! You can do better.

Mine says “anticipated” ship date of Aug. 25th but no update to tracking yet. According to FedEx: “Estimated delivery = N/A.”

Hmmm. If you haven’t, please send your situation and order details to so CS can look into what’s happening.

Seriously?! I just sent an email about not receiving the shirts either and now I notice the post mentioning woot charging sales tax on clothing. I didn’t notice it as I purchased some other things, but sure enough woot overcharged me tax. My most recent order with woot has got to be the worst ordering experience in my entire life. Out of 4 items, I received 2. One of those items was incorrect. I sent it back 2.5 weeks ago and still have not received my refund. Now I find out I’ve been overcharged for the 2 items I haven’t received from an order almost 1 month ago.