Reebok Performance Shorts for $9.99

I’m sorry, but since when is an XXL waist 36 inches?

I thought the same bruce57.

Was that dude in the light blue shorts excited about this photo shoot or what? Oh wait, never mind

Yeah, even Euro specs are bigger than this sizing. Maybe a manufacturing defect with value passed to the consumer? Sign me up!

If these are the ones they’ve had before, they’re not bad, but the stitching sometimes doesn’t hold.

Do they have built-in briefs like proper running shorts?

That has occurred to me every time they put these up.
“Are you happy to see me or is your hand in your pocket?”

They do not, as they are not running shorts. They’re more of a general workout/lounge short.

I’d pass on these. I bought three pair back in July and the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

BTW, I’ve had a terrible time trying find running shorts without a liner. Why can’t they at least give us the option?

I bought 3 pairs of these during a previous sale. I like them quite a bit. Comfortable and light. I wear them around the house, to bed, and working out.

Be SURE to check the size chart before ordering, they definitely do not use typical sizing convention.

I picked these up on a previous sale, and I’ve got to say… these do make the cash and prizes look good. haha

I don’t quite get the desire for built-in briefs. As a high-mileage runner, who wants built-in briefs and/or why? (Talk about adding to the risk of chafing.)

I’m a marathon runner and will only run in shorts with built-in briefs…my “normal” briefs are cotton, which aren’t great to wear while running (mainly due to sweat retention). Short liners are synthetic, and perfect for running. I’ve never had a chafing issue…

I suppose if you have synthetic underwear, you could use shorts without a lining, but otherwise, I want the lining!

I love my cotton undies! :slight_smile: