Reebok Performance Shorts

Mens size XL is listed as a 34" inch waist? I wish! LOL
Something isnt right…

No kidding. That means I’m fatter than I thought.

[MOD EDIT: Removed URL; link was dead, we’re investigating the pricing though]

We checked with our set-up peeps and this is the info they got from the vendor. But apparently these do also have very relaxed fits.

They must be BOY shorts rather than MENS?

Reebok short size chat from the mother ship is more realistic…
Med 32-34
Large 36-38
XL 40-42

Oh come on woot. I ordered 3 pairs on Nov 14th and have still received only two… one of those being the wrong size and color from what the woot order showed as being shipped.

And you’re re-running this even before the last pair from my order leaves “preparing for shipment” status ?

Warning… the last time they ran this talk of quality issues and the confusion about sizing was already present.

Oh man, have you been in touch with CS for a resolution to your order issue?

Not yet, my initial 2 of 3 was delivered on the 22nd and I’ve been waiting for the 3rd pair to show up so I can register any complaints regarding the full order. Tonight I now noticed that my last pair is still “stuck” in the “preparing for shipment” mode.

Your fulfillment on this stinks. While my online receipt shows a black and a grey XL as shipped, what arrived (with the paper woot pick receipt (with my order ID number on it) matching what was in the bag) was grey XL and red L … like someone gummed up the item codes during transfer. As the pair I’m waiting on is red XL, I’m wondering if the warehouse found their stockpile of red shorts entirely depleted. I thought it was amusing, until I see Red being sold here today.

I’ll formally open a complaint with CS tomorrow.

FWIW, other wooters, I measured the XL pair with no pulling on the elastic waistband and it’s 33" around. The size chart posted is correct for an “unsprung” size but, based on the XL pair I have, the fit is more like what the mothership had (posted above) if you actually rely on the elastic keeping your shorts on.

Blech, that stinks. Keep us updated on how things go.