Reebok Polo Shirts under $10

What’s the difference between platinum and superior pique?

It appears that the Superior is a two button and the Platinum is a three button polo! Also, the Superior mentions side venting and the Platinum does not!

Has anyone purchased these before, how is the quality?

Any tall shirts?

Quality is great! light weight cotton and clean cut.

How’s the cut? Are they fitted at all, or are they great big squares of fabric that make us skinny people look like we’re little kids wearing our dad’s shirt?

I just spoke by live chat to a representative at the Reebok site. She says the difference between Superior and Platinum pique is the weave of the fabric, though the fabric itself is the same for both. The Platinum has a tighter weave so will be a little softer and a bit more durable than the Superior.

The specs list the neck and chest measurements for the sizes. What are the shirt lengths for each size?

I usually prefer a large tall shirt, but I would like to know if the large would work.

From the pictures these look like the same Sonoma life/Croft & Barrow heavy, coarse fabric crap that Kohls has on perpetual sale for $10. Can an owner comment on this comparison?

If these Reebok shirts previously wooted - Reebok Men's Polo Shirt - 8 Colors - are the same shirts, I think they are just okay - but probably worth the low price here if you know going in they aren’t the greatest. I bought several from the last sale, and I think they feel soft enough and sized okay, but read the last few comments in the prior discussion section - some people hated the shirts. On one of mine, the “Reebok” name on the sleeve has partially unraveled.

A shirt without a chest pocket is like a dog with no one to pet him: simply miserable. It’s just not worth it to save a whole whopping $1… :rolleyes:

That’s what pants/shorts are for. I hate pocketed shirts. My 72-year-old father would wear a pocketed polo, but I’ll pass.

Bought 4 Reebok shirts… had to give them to Good Will as unwearable. They bunched up at my neck like a winter parka.

Do the math Poindexter.

$1 saved on the pocket fabric.

$3.47 saved not buying a pocket protector

$2.44 not spent for a roll of masking tape to complete your outfit. Sure you only need a small piece to wrap around the bridge of your eyeglasses, but you have to buy tape in whole roll increments.

That’s $6.91 Woot! is saving you.

Same here. Or it’s for a man who smokes and carries their cigarettes in their top shirt pocket. They rarely exist in this century. I haven’t seen pockets on collared shirts in 20 years, on my Dad also.

Bought two of these in XL last time they came up and one of them was shorter in length than the other. They are worth it for the price though, might just spring for a couple more!

I totally agree. I hate pockets on polos.


They’re all like “Come at me bro!”