Reebok Softshell Jacket for Women & Men

Here is a single review for the mens

How is large black already gone for men’s at 12:02 am? Or were there just not any in that color/style/size?

The latter is likely the case. :frowning:

I know right?! The women’s is only available in two colors and two sizes.

Looks like a nice, lightweight jacket I can wear at the ice rink or when I go for walks.

I didn’t need a new jacket, anyway.

Why would the guy’s picture show a ‘small’ on a ‘large’ model? Were they out of large the day of the shoot? Is that supposed to indicate something about the sizing of these jackets? And how large is the model? Does he just like tight fitting clothes? Should I believe the review on Amazon that said the jacket runs true to size? And why am I asking so many questions? Well, anyway, I bought a navy in my usual size, large. Hope it fits.

Where are the size guides?
I will buy NOTHING without knowing that.

Does this jacket have a liner?

I’m reaching out to our buyer for answers to your question, as well as @alan93’s sizing question. I’ll update y’all when I hear back.

I found a sizing chart for these when Groupon was selling them in the past.

So I guess I don’t get to get one? I always wear XL.

And I don’t expect Reebok to fudge on sizing, which I never actually measure. As an internationally known and respected brand, I expect that their American male L or XL will be the same size as everybody else’s American male L or XL.

Am I OK on that thinking? “Why would the guy’s picture show a ‘small’ on a ‘large’ model?” Indeed! Makes me need to question that.

Please let us know if you get any XL’s in.

Don’t out think it. They run true to size per the Buyer’s Note in the Specs. The info on the pic is just to tell you what you are looking at.

Black was only available in Women’s. Ever.

You are correct in your thinking. A XL is a standard XL in this garment.

There will be another softshell event in November…

FYI, I don’t always get to pick who wears what in pictures, so when the pics are posted for an event, I’ll go in and give more detail about what you are actually looking at.

No liner. It’s a shell… a softshell. :slight_smile:

I was out thinking it rhetorically. As you see I bought it. But how in the world do you get from the buyer’s note anything about ‘sizing’ information? The buyer’s note says absolutely nothing about running true to size, they merely describe the fit or cut of the garment as not being fitted or baggy. All they’re saying is if the large runs two sizes smaller than the (quasi) industry standard, at least I’ll have the comfort of knowing the ill-fitting garment I just bought isn’t a baggy or fitted cut. It might be of value for some to think a little more.

Duly noted. Thanks for posting and wooting!

This is well after buying 3, a 2xl for me and two Mediums for two nephews, but I’ll comment anyway. I think the sizes run a little small, my 2xl is good in the shoulders and just fit the waist (ok, stomach) with a sweatshirt on me. The sleeves on the 2XL are generously long, which I need. I am not a slim man but most XL jackets fit me if they are designed to fit over clothing for the cooler seasons. I was told the 2 adult mediums are a little small for my 13 and 14 year old nephews who are a bit “husky.” Without seeing the kids try them on I can’t say where the sizing issues are. If these are offered again I hope this helps someone.