Reebok Zjet 430 Cross Trainer

Reebok Zjet 430 Cross Trainer

Think the price was right depending on user, I like it a lot but think the max weight (says 265) on the specs may have been off although it will probably hold up to that it’s not a nice experience for my husband. My husband is 225 and it sways a ton on him and minimal swaying for me, not sure if anyone else is experiencing that or if I did something off along the way.

The instructions are a bit difficult to read/decipher it was compressed into essentially 7 steps (really three, four are putting on one piece like the display and bottle holder) and there are a lot of little parts and it should have been a little more spaced for ease of understanding and the #1 screw is mislabeled in the parts box as #31. I considered returning it since I’m not sure how much he can use it but I think I will get good use out it and no way am i taking it apart and somehow getting it to UPS center so it’s ours now but if someone were to consider buying it at a higher price or if it came up again I would consider user weight and realize that it may not be great for a certain weight, but it is smooth and quiet for me and looks good while being compact

Did anybody else end up getting one of these and having similar issues? After two months it is a nightmare, it squeaks like a dog toy on every rotation for me and I’ve been the only one using it and its started swaying worse and worse. I tried wd-40 to no avail. It haunts my dreams. I gotta chalk it up to a bad purchase but I had high hopes for it since it was originally $800 and I can’t return it or anything cause we got rid of the box and it’s probably not worth the hassle of breaking down so its probably going to be a big donation write off. Hoping someone here may have a fix to make it somewhat bearable but my hopes are low.

You should probably contact Woot support regardless, that sounds borderline dangerous.

Hello there. Sorry about the problem. You’re still in your 90-day warranty for a bit so please contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I contacted them and it doesn’t sound like theres much I can do, I don’t really have a means to return it which they did offer, no box and taking it apart seems like a daunting task and I cant send it full together, and trying to get everything sent back with the stuff going on isn’t worth the hassle or stress. Was more looking to see if anyone had any tweaks or ran into the same issue, It was a good price to take a risk on it, but it went downhill fast with moderate use.

Have you looked to see if there’s a treadmill repair place near you?

That’s not a bad idea, but I don’t see any nearby and we’d probably rather invest that money in a long term machine. I feel like this served its purpose in that it got use and confirmed we wanted and would use an elliptical machine and was supposed to act as a bridge machine for a couple years since my expectations were low it’s all good if I can’t self fix.