Rees Harps SE - Special Edition Fullsicle Harp

Rees Harps SE - Special Edition Fullsicle Harp

What makes this an electronics deal?

Mostly because… well, I think this video explains it well:

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create your own flashbacks!

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Why does this harp look like it’s made of scrap lumber?

I’m still looking for the plug or batteries that might make this an “electronics” deal… :roll_eyes:

He gave it 5 stars on Amazon, so it must be good
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Plus… who buys a harp on Woot??

No offense Woot.

“Limit: 3 per customer.”

…I’m so confused.


Maybe whoever in woot staff posted this to electronics assumed you could plug it into a speaker like an electric guitar or violin?

Every harp that I have ever purchased was from Woot.
In fact, every harp in my home is exclusively from Woot.
I will never buy any harp but a Woot-Harp.