Reflections on Pi

I think this one is much better conceived than the one you linked to, but yes, good point.

Cool breeze sold out in around 15 minutes.

I have no clue what the fastest seller of the 3K era has been, but it wasn’t this, either.

I Heart PI(e)!

Ironically, I saw this just the other day on some site that revolved around the concept of “things that cannot be un-seen.” It had some pretty interesting insights into visual media…Ah ha!

For your perusal: Cannot Unsee (Search results for: pie)

They also have a great one about how S. America laid over Africa makes a convincing picture of a t-rex.

Nah - I let the cat type it. :wink:


**This shirt will be for sale again starting tomorrow–HERE–at $15. ALL shirts continue to be sold after the first day of sale. Every single shirt provides a link to its next-day-sale page in the first comment of its shirt-specific forum thread. A shirt will remain for sale (at $15) until reckoned.

To find out what shirts are available for sale on any given day–other than the obvious “shirt of the day” on the front shirt.woot page–please click on the “reckoning” link found in the top right corner of any shirt.woot page. All the shirt thumbnails in the reckoning are shirts that are still for sale. Click on the thumbnail or title and you will be taken to the shirt’s order page.**

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Oh gods! Perusing the Threadless site has not shattered my feeble hold on reality. There are so many crossovers! Even a Pandamonium! o.0

I need this shirt for my kids!! Please let us buy it!!

Epic, now I know why they call it pi. I hope they woot it again. Though I’ll probably end up being forced to pay fifteen.

Before the Internets, the longest one I was aware of was “Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog.” Now, you can find a bunch of long ones online. A lot of thought must’ve gone into some of those!

I totally have that shirt! Probably my favorite Pi shirt because one thing I love more than Pi is pizza!

Lest you forget, pizza is a pie.
Tastes like Excel!

ADDED BONUS! The write up for said shirt contains bonus “jerkface” callout!

You are correct in that I did not initially clue into the fact that adder acknowledged in his post that he was “obviously biased” because it was his own idea.

However, I disagree that his design was more “artfully excuted” than the one on display here.

I don’t know about nightghost’s post, but this ain’t cut and paste:


Please continue…

Mmmm…Aero bars!

too much pie

I really wish I could get this on a 5X-Tall shirt. I love pi, but unfortunately my love of pie makes me bigger than 3XL.