Ok,Ok, hit me but read this first. The endless complaints on refurbs has brought me to share my experiences (1 person only) on refurbs from Woot. In the beginning I was skeptical to get anything that was refurbished. When you think about it Woot is expected to be the lowest price refurbed or not on anything they sell. I have cordless phones, Toshiba Dvd Recorder (This unit is the best),hp DVD writer dvd630e and digital camera to list a few. All of these products work just fine. I share with you what consumer reports said about refurbs. Generally a 90 day warranty is good enough. Most electronics will go out in the first 90 days. Remember I said most. Some people are not aware refurbs are not always what they think. Yes, they have been broken but sometimes they are overstocks and discounted items. If they give a 90 warranty I feel secure enough. Expensive items like the projection TV they at least offer an extended warranty for a reasonable price. There was a time I wouldn’t think of getting anything refurbed but now I have no problem with it. My married life is refurbed. Both my wife and I are on our 2nd marriage and so far in 11 years we haven’t had to send either one of us out for repair. Close sometimes but still going strong. I really got the best deal on this one and she didn’t even come from Woot. So I’ll finally end my babbling but ask yourself on electronics “Did most of your electronics that broke go out in 90 days or less?” I may be lucky but new or refurbed are about the same for repair which is very rare to begin with. Thanks for listening and your thoughts? Deek

I work at a retail store (office depot) and as we don’t sell many refurbished items, but we generate alot of them

whenever an electronics item is returned whether it works or not it’s DND’d which in the case of electronics almost always means it will go back to the manufacturer. even if the item was never used, some people bring stuff back saying it’s too large for their desk etc…

Another thing is out of the electronics items I buy I have had almost no troubles with them( I can’t remember the last time I bought a defective unit) but some customers even when they buy it, you know that there gonna be too stupid to use it, so they bring it back and say it doesn’t work - one guy exchanged 3 deskjet printers(of same model) before he realized it was his computer

I’m sure for the most part very few refurbished items have ever been repaired, and their usually a good deal.

I love refurbs. It’s like taking something dead and returning it to the living.

Like this thread.

You just march right back out there and put this thread back where you found it young man! It smells to high heaven, and who knows what diseases you can catch from it! When you come back, don’t touch anything til you’ve scrubbed your hands. And use soap this time! You hear me? Git! It’s dripping who-knows-what all over the kitchen floor. Scoot!!

Buying new and buying the insurance doesn’t work sometimes also. I bought a TV and the 5 year warranty. I knew the warranty day was coming up and I had had no problems so did no renew it. So of course the blasted TV went out the day after that warranty expired! What are the odds!