Regal Ware 10-Piece Cookware Set

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Regal Ware 10-Piece Cookware Set
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Maybe things won’t pick up til later. Keeping iPod with me I case.

Shouldn’t home.woot be taking care of cookware?

Obligatory…Shouldn’t this be on home.woot!!

Shouldn’t this be on Home.woot?

Woot Staff gettin’ edgy with their write-ups! Lightin the world on fire, one product at a time.

It’s EATIN’ time . . .

I was not aware of that joke. Now it will forever be in my head.

oooookkkkaaaaayyyyyy…now it is time for a long drive to work…

It’s $50 less at Amazon…

What’s on home.woot? Sansas?

you can get this on Amazon cheaper.

[MOD: Different model #]

You beat me to it… Seriously Woot? $159 and Prime eligible at Amazon.

Wait a minute, I have adopted Chinese kids . . .

Not a good deal on woot today!

[MOD: Different model # AK-110]

no the sansas are on wine.woot and home.woot is selling a 3 pack of burgandy, but don’t worry kids.woot is selling rubber chickens

Not the same set, FYI.

Although wasn’t this already on home.woot less than 2 months ago for the same price?

Lower price on this exact set…

How are these in the ‘banging together in the middle of the night’ category?