Regal Ware 10pc Tri-Ply Cookware Set

Just going to nip this one in the bud.


Yes this is an industry standard.

Found this under the Marcus Union label (mfg by RegalWare, same product #, looks the same)

Good reviews…looks like it was previously available from Overstock for less (but now out of stack). This is a drop in price for previous woot offer

except the overstock one says 1yr warranty and the woot says 25yr, so might be a slightly different version.

This item looks almost similar to the one on sale:

Good reviews

I bought this about a month ago. I would say we are reasonably happy with the pans. The stainless pans perform great. They look great and are a good size and weight. The non-stick pans…they’re good. Not great. Brand new I tried cooking an egg in the skillet with no oil and it stuck like glue. There are still little black bits of carbon that I couldn’t get off. But as long as I use a little oil spray in the pan things slide around just fine.

I’m very happy with my Regalware stainless commercial fry pans that I got from Woot! last year. The bottoms are flat and the handles are properly weighted so that the pans lie flat - important with a ceramic cooktop. I have no opinion on their non-stick.

These look like they have the encapsulated bottom, unlike the true tri-ply where the sides go down to the bottom as one piece rather than have a bottom piece attached. Maybe they are making them better, but these types of bottom pieces would eventually come off. It’s a cheaper process. I can’t tell from the pictures with absolutely certainty.

I think you’re right. From the picture it looks like these are disk-bottomed pans instead of true tri-ply. If so, this is not a bargain. Can get true tri-ply at reasonable cost. Tramontina comes to mind as well as Calphalon and some Cuisinart. You won’t get All-Clad of course but the others definitely.

I’m a little confused… is this a stainless set, a teflon set, or a mix?