Regal Ware Cookware

I’m not sure about the apes, but this looks like a fair assortment of cookware. What are your thoughts on the 10pc set?

We just got the 10 pc set and are very happy with it. Looks good, performs great. We’ll see how the non-stick holds up over time.

From Woot! a few months ago I got a pair of the stainless frying pans and I love them. They are a good weight and they lay flat on my ceramic stove-top. That completed my mixed set so I’m not in the market for more, otherwise I’d be delighted to purchase more.

The 2QT pot would be tempting – if it weren’t out of Wisconsin. Hate to get all political about it – but I’m not buying anything out of Wisconsin until they get rid of the legislators who are busy propagating the war on women’s rights. Love the idea of “Made in the USA” – but not if it’s from a State that’s trying to screw women over, as is going on in far too many of our States these days.

I bought one of the Caldera’s and its well worth the price. The bottom fits perfectly on one of the big burners and this helps it hold heat and cook even better. Its also a very attractive pot, something you don’t mind showcasing in your kitchen.