RegaliaPRO 12-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

RegaliaPRO 12-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

I was ready to order these as a gift for the wife until I read “non-GMO gluten free” in the product description. That’s just offensive.

No glutens were harmed in the making of these bath bombs.

I ordered these last time after hearing customer rave about them. They are really nice.

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Yeah, and they were quick to throw in (more than once)

  • Contains ingredients that promote natural healing

I don’t think it’s even legal to claim things are “healing”, without proof. And I’m pretty sure the

no artificial colors

line is a lie as well. What natural way do you get bright pink and neon blue? If only there were any ingredient lists at all.

what kind of a mess do these thing leave on you and your tub?
I have a hard enough time with soap scum and hard water when I clean the tub, what would glitter and foaming colors do?

So, I’m a bit confused. The description of the item lists bath bombs and candles. The presentation box was lovely…However, contrary to the description which lists: 12 bath bombs and "12 heart shaped candles”.
There were no candles in the package whatsoever.
Anyone else notice this?
*There was a cute little necklace thrown in, however.

It does say 12 heart shaped candles! I never noticed this

I’m sorry about the candles. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I’m a little confused. I didn’t see anything about candles. And just looking again (admittedly WAY more carefully than before!) I still see nothing about candles. Copy’n’pasted from the specs sheet–
In the Box:

(1) RegaliaPRO 12-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

  • (12) Different bath bombs in 12 Different Fragrances (5 oz. Each)

I will say that when I opened the box, the little pouch instead surprised me as I expected candles (based on the last bath bombs woot! sold). But I’m far happier this time with the pretty necklace (is it a sprig of lavender, btb?) as a nice change. Esp since I’m getting this for the fizzies, not the candles.

Then again, I also didn’t and still don’t see where it claims to “natural healing” either. So now I’m wondering if the monkeys rewrote the description and specs after the sale? But then why would even monkeys bother once a sale was over? Of course I could just be extremely unobservant with these. I didn’t even notice that this was a different brand, not until I got them. And then I just thought they’d changed packaging. But hey, I’m more than ok with this–just more smells to enjoy!

So TT, mark one recipient as very pleased with the fizzies. Or at least until tom night’s bath when I try out this brand. And then I expect to be very VERY!! pleased, based on the last bunch.


Thank you so much! Customer service handled the mixup beautifully. They took care of it …Think it’s been remedied in the original listing too. :blush: