Regalo Home Décor Wide Walk-Thru Gate - 3 Finishes

I hate these gates. I have 3 and I stopped using them. The problem is the bar at the bottom. You have to remember to clear the bar every single time. You must be mindful of this while carrying a baby, or while hauling groceries or heaving a laundry basket. Eventually you retrain you brain after near misses and things flung everywhere when you trip numerous times. Finally you master the walk-through. Great! Right? Nope. The problem now are older children and guests. You must become the gate-keeper and remind everyone to watch their step. “Open the gate and step over the bar” is your mantra.

This design keeps kids and pets out, but now you have to watch and warn everyone to “mind the bar”. Kids don’t listen and they bite the dust nearly every single time. But kids are all muscle and bouncy bones. Kids pop back up.

Adults might successfully walk over on their way through, but on their way back…If they are lucky they pull a move Dick Van Dyke would approve of. If their name is Aunt Rachel, they won’t be so fortunate. You can never leave your post. You can’t trust you cousin Bobby to watch the baby gate. You can’t trust him, because as soon as you walk away you see great Aunt Rachel about to get punked by the “baby gate of death”. Bobby is looking right at her but he doesn’t warn her. You start screaming from the other room “Aunt Rachel, step over…AUNT RACHEL, LOOK AT YOUR FEET!!! OH MY G…!!” Aunt Rachel’s soft, beige shoe clips the 2-inch bar and falls. Falls like only old people fall. Slooooowwwly. And like a tree.

I hate these stupid baby gates from Hades. I can still hear the “bwinggg” sound when someone trips on that stupid bar.

I snatched out all of those darn gates. I went on Pinterest for ideas and built something that was not only safer but looks beautiful. I ended up getting two decorative metal and wood wall hangings,and made gates. And when I no longer need them I can hang them on the wall.

Edit: it is 3:30 a.m. and I ask that all spelling and grammatical errors be forgiven.

The gate only opens one way. This is awkward.

Sometimes the gate would fail and the whole thing would fall when opening it. The tension would slip?

The gate opening is very narrow. It is simply poorly designed. Look at the negative reviews on Amazon that don’t involve installation.

That bottom bar is required on a pressure gate. You have to have support on the top and bottom.

This design is a trip hazard.
Evenflo makes a similar gate without the the bar!

Best gate ever, I have 5 kids went through every kid and honestly if you can’t lift you feet while walking to step over a bar you must have a lot of issues and maybe you shouldn’t be carrying a baby. I used this gate on the top of the 1st, 2nf and 3rd floor of my home. No one has ever tripped over the thing.