Regalo My Play Deluxe Portable Play Yard

Regalo My Play Deluxe Portable Play Yard

BABY THUNDERDOME! Two babies enter, one baby leaves. One day c#ck(rooster) of the walk, next a feather-duster.


My love/hate relationship with this community is exemplified in this single comment.

Please elaborate.

I think it is being let down thinking you are going to get a review on a product from someone and instead you get a funny comment which makes you chuckle but doesn’t help you pull the trigger on the purchase. @Wooter996076812 am I right?

I also had thoughts of the baby octagon (UFC style) match of the century :joy:

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Folk need to lower their expectations.


I have a the California Beach Company version of this. This one looks like it would fit more places and it is much cheaper.

We love our pop-up play yard and like that we can fit in it with our baby - you probably could fit in this one too without the top. Not as comfortably, but still would be ok.

I have a much smaller version of this that I use to steam vegetables. With that being said, does anyone know how this one would hold up in 100+ degrees near a lake?

We have this without the dome and we used it on the beach. We pitched an umbrella over one side. Worked fine. I came hoping the dome part was sold seperately.

I don’t have infants, but I’m getting this as a prison in which to place my relatives/friends’ kids whenever they’re bad.

What a great idea!

Make sure to get the clear cover so they don’t have to breath your air of freedom but their own stale farts and dorito breath.


This exactly. Funny comment, not much discussion value.