Regius Fructus

I can see her nethers…

I’ve got Georgia on my Mind (and their current blizzard).

i must say that this is very imaginative!!!

Makes you wonder what happened to the top banana.

Monarchy’s are hairy business.

Yup. The price of royal fruit will surely go up this summer. It will now be three mushrooms and a star per lb.

i love this shirt but cannot see myself wearing it

Hmm, this is making me crave cobbler.

But it’s in another refrigerator. Dangit!

“Peach. i could eat a peach for hours”

We hit a Golden Corral for the first time in a decade the other day. They had FIVE different kinds of cobbler at the dessert bar. Sold.

Don’t shake my peach tree, bro!

This shirt is positively peachy!

Drum riff please…

Does your name have to be James to buy this shirt?

I’m going to have that Presidents of the United States song stuck in my head for days now. Thanks, Woot. [/sarcasm]

I love this shirt and had to get one :slight_smile:

Did they have shoe cobbler?

I am not sure I can wear a giant, pink fruit wearing a princess tiara, but I do like this artwork.

Thank you Woot!

But our shirt is in another castle!

Princess Peach, huh?

awww, that’s adorable. A far more pleasant sounding name than Princess Prunus persica. No plant taxonomy arguments from me this time!