Reininger Walla Walla Trio



Alright. This one I can avoid.

3 varieties I love, but having sunk money into the last 2 wine woots, $75 is more than I’m willing to toss at this one.

For that, I’ll spring a bit more and buy that 21yr Glengoyne I found online tonight…


Totals to 94 dollars on the wine website, seems to be a good deal if you have the doe, although I do not :-/ Great sounding tastes and the winery seems to be well respected. Maybe do a bit more research, but here’s the website’s order form:


Darn it.


From Wine Spectator:
2003 Syrah – Big, rich, broad-shouldered style that packs plenty of ripe plum and cherry fruit, shaded with cola and licorice notes as the finish persists. Drink now through 2013. 1,034 cases made. –HS
Score: 90 | Price: $32
Issue: Jun 15, 2006

2002 Merlot – Smooth, refined and open, with a lovely core of currant and plum fruit shaded with hints of coffee and cedar. Lingering finish. Drink now through 2012. 1,397 cases made. –HS
Score: 90 | Price: $30
Issue: Jun 15, 2006

2002 Cab Sav – Crisp, with a nice mix of dark berry and vaguely chalky mineral flavors, finishing with very fine tannins, the flavors echoing nicely. Drink now through 2012. 1,340 cases made. –HS
Score: 89 | Price: $32
Issue: Jun 15, 2006

Some people own the wine on CellarTracker, looks like they purchased it directly from the Winery, but no one has entered any tasting notes on it.

Looks like some solid wine. I’m going to hold off for a day or two to see what the winery/others have to say about it. I was really hoping Wine.Woot would offer some crappy White Wines so I wouldn’t consider buying any this week!!! Ugh…


From wine spectator:

Reininger Syrah Walla Walla Valley 2003 90 $32
Reininger Merlot Walla Walla Valley 2002 90 $30
Reininger Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley 2002 89 $32

Not bad . . . $94 total with all decent scores. And all able to be held on to till around 2012


i agree with vaacess…i wish wine.woot had some white varieties this week so i wouldn’t be tempted to buy any…but these look to be pretty good prices for some pretty good wines…damn you woot!!


kinda tempted, but going to hold off, for now. I’d kinda like to know how these would age in a 55 degree wine cooler. It’s not the end of the world kind of question, as I may buy anyways, but knowing the answer to this question could help me.


$25 a bottle is just too much for this.
Unfortunately, wine.woot appears to be consistently too expensive - there are other online sources to get good wine for a lot less.
No wonder there is almost no offering that would sell out.


Care to cite your sources?


This looks like a wonderful offering. $30 bottles for $22. Washington is becoming known for its Merlot. I am going to do a little more research, however.

FYI on CellarTracker other vintage average scores are:
for the Cab: 1999 - 93pts, 2000 - 90pts, 2001 - 90pts
for the Merlot: 2000 - 88pts, 2001 - 88pts
for the Syrah: 1999 - 91pts, 2000 - 92pts, 2002 - 88pts


First of all, a constant 55 degrees is fine for pretty much any red wine. I’ve got mine in a closet that is nice and cool, and the wine keeps will. As long as it doesn’t get frigid, you’re good.
Also, make sure that it isn’t too dry. A little humidity helps.

And yes, this is too expensive for wine that might be good, but certainly not outstanding. I can take a trip to Safeway for some 2002 St. Francis cabs for $15, plus 10% off for six bottles.

Come on, I live in Mendocino County. For $70, you have to do better than that.


While I agree that there may and probably are places that are cheaper out there…There are two things that will continue to make Wine.Woot a success and my main (and only?) place that I’ll buy wine online:

  1. $5 shipping. People come in here all the time saying they found a place cheaper online, but when shipping is included they are typically much more than Wine.Woot.
  2. WCC is choosing these wines and to this point have chosen wines that taste consistently good. IMHO, this is the biggest reason for Wine.Woot’s success. Honestly it’s only going to take one or two bad offerings to really hurt this place, but based on what they’ve done so far I don’t see that happening.


You don’t get many good bottles from Walla Walla for under $30/btl, this coming from a WA resident.


What does frigid do to wine? I have to ask, as we in MO are heading towards winter. I had a (maybe cooked, maybe young) cooked bottle of the Sangiovese, and it wasn’t a good thing. I still have the others aging a little , as I expect them to be decent, after aging. I checked the corks, and the bottle I had was the only one that had what appeared to be a pushed out cork.
So what does frigid temperature do to a wine? I’m sure I sound like a wine idiot now, but this really hasn’t been an issue for me in the past. Of course, this is mostly due to just getting out of beta…


wine isn’t exactly a ‘cheap’ hobby. especially if you start drinking a lot of it and your tastes refine more and more. For those of us who can afford these, it’s a pretty good deal. If you want truly expensive, try some of the choices from premier cru, you’ll find their $800 bottles even more shocking.

to each their own i suppose. i do applaud woot for trying to vary up the choices, prices and amounts for everyone. they can’t cater to all, but i like their choices and now that the temperature is down in texas finally…i can start ordering again!



in case you’re talking about the foppiano sangiovese, that wine might not be ‘cooked’ or whatever. i think its simply a very young wine that needs to age a bit. when i first opened the bottle i didn’t like it at all, but after letting it sit in open air and breathe for 2-3 hours, i thought it was ridiculously good and very complex. i think it’ll age well


two things

  1. while my grad student wallet may not be able to afford this i think its a great choice, and one thing i like about wine.woot is the variety from week to week. it woudl be really boring if they were always trios for $40 or whatever. so keep it up i say

  2. what’s the building in the reflection of the bottle in the picture? i’ve seen it in a few photos now. is it university campus? a city center?


Well-reviewed elsewhere and, moreover, I have confidence in Woot…passing on this one though

Hope Woot soon has at least a couple weeks of sparkling wine offerings in anticipation of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, of course, events celebrating the New Year. Something hearty not light. Perhaps some Blanc de Noir. Or something with a" big" taste.

Hope the Woot elves are working on it ! :slight_smile:


im not gonna go for this one and you can’t make me.

We need a wine.woot support group. I’m strong, i can hold out, at least until wed.