Reininger Walla Walla Valley - 2 Pack

I’ll send it to you

Went to 2nd through 12th grade there. Let’s trade some bottles. I love Tempranillo. We made one from Ripken’s Lodi Vyd but it sold out through futures. But we just made a 2010 from his vyd. What are some good Tempranillos and Nebbs that I can buy from WA?

I was thinking that - but I didn’t want to be so presumptous to ask :slight_smile:

Yes they sure are.

I like this trend of Woot venturing outside of the Napa/noma region!

I just hope it lasts through my SIWBM! I’d love to get my hands on some of this Or/Wa wine!

We can keep in touch by pm. Although I have never pm’ed on woot before. Must be easy though…

Not many wineries make solely Tempranillos and Nebbs here in WA State. Two that come to mind are: Tefft Cellars and Chatter Creek. I do have some favorite wineries so far but love to keep trying new ones. I will admit I have gone crazy on wine.woot since I joined. I am embarrassed to show my current CT as all my wine has been acquired since I joined wine.woot. It is fun though. I’ve acquired more than I can drink for sure. I am learning lots from reading the daily wine.woot comments.

I don’t want to detract from this offering so maybe further conversations can be by pm?

Reininger makes some damn good juice … in for 2

Merlot seems pretty similar to Cab Franc–it has a lot of the same flavors, but probably will be softer, rounder and plummier. The one WA Merlot I’ve had was very structured and high in dark chocolate, though still had a lush texture. It can be herbal/green like Cab Franc when not made as a fruit bomb.

Sangio I think is different as it usually seems more cherry in flavor with high acid and a lighter texture. To me it is an edgier, more angular wine.

cant buy something for 25+ bucks a bottle where i never tasted it. i rather drink some folie deux for half the price and i ll be just as happy

What are some of your favorite domestic Nebbiolos? I am always looking for more to try. Have you had Caparone’s Nebbiolo from Paso Robles? Their wines are rustic, but also really inexpensive and are amazing when you hit upon a good bottle.

I have been drinking the Walla Walla wines for some time and I can tell you that Reininger makes some good wines. I have several in my cellar of 200 plus bottles most of which are from Washington state. The merlots from around here are what I would call bigger wines more like the Cabs of about 10 years ago. Not sure why but to me the cabs and merlots kinda changed positions in that the cab’s became softer and more fruit while the merlot’s became bigger and more full. The Syrah’s are most of the time an all around good wine with good fruit and strong flavors of fruit sometimes getting into the big wines. The one thing I can say for Reininger is that where they get their grapes, I would say produces some of the best if not the best grapes in Walla Walla. Should be a good drink!!!

I may be wrong but it seems I remember in the Dundee films they called them Wally’s.

Tell us why?! I like the Helix Pomatia (CT), a really well-made wine with good balance which won’t challenge the best, but it’s way more than one-dimensional. The previous wooting (s) have summarised it well. How are these more than $10 a bottle better?! Anyone tasted them? I’m open to any kinds of good answer :slight_smile:

I like Witchcreek’s Nebbiolo; the winemaker Ryan Baker sources the grapes from Baja California and Weiyrich(sp) and Sons. I also like St. Olof Vyd’s Nebbiolo from Lake Co. that we’ve made since 2003—oh, and Kaz makes it too. I also love to try Barolos

Hugh Johnson says of Reininger: Small producer of gd Merlot and v. fine Syrah. Helix label features wines from throughout the state; esp gd Syrah. Reputation is -* bov eaverage to well-known/highly reputed (though that’s not a rating).

He says 06 was an incredible vintage in Washington / Oregon, perhaps the best of the century. 07 was a more difficult year due to rain and hail at harvest, but good winemakers will have got it right.

Well…there are laws against that…

Not if her winery / shipper has a licence for that state. presumably in another order! And between friends the rules are different, surely. Wootlegging is a well-established practice :smiley:

I got one of the Reininger packs a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I bought a Helix pack based on that and was kinda disappointed. I know a second label is not going to be as good, but I was hoping for a little more. Obviously YMMV, but for me the Reininger label wines are MUCH better than the Helix wines.

Other way around on vintage. 2007 was best ever.

Are you from Oregon / Washington? People here might say that about California wines, but the weather further north is very different. In any case, my post is merely reporting what the sage Johnson says… and if your local information is better, great!