Reininger's Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack

Reininger’s Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 4 2006 Helix Pomatia
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Argh, in for one – I can’t resist Pomatia.

Ditto … and waited too long to push the button.

Might have to sneak in for one to extend the Vertical (missing the '05, got the '03 & '04).

You could just send me yours and I’ll do it for you.

so tempting!! I might be in for one. I do love blends because you can create a perfect wine. Anyone else think this is an exceptional wine???

3 wine offerings in a row with no Tennessee love…boo hoo.

Love the Pomatia. Just drank an 05 last week and was hoping it would come up again soon.
In for at least 2

An easier decision than even woot cellars. In for as many as I can possibly get my mitts on.

no love for connecticut once again =/

in for 3…have been saving my last helix pomatia and looks like i can finally drink it. this stuff is great
thanks WD

I seemed to have found myself clicking the stupidly large button.

Funny, I’ve been wooting a fair amount of wine for someone not even drinking right now. I’m currently a totally dedicated P90X junkie instead.

My collection is growing, I assume at some point, I’ll do more than collect all this wine.

Reininger Winery is just down the road since I live in Walla Walla. I wonder if I could just pick up the wine instead of having it mailed? Looks like a call to the winery is in order, or better yet, a wine tasting excursion!

Pomatia is generally available for around $20 locally. I think the current vintage is the 2005 there. This is pretty screaming, considering past offers were in the $15-17 range, and this is more like $13…Tough decision, so I’m going to have to think on it.

No tasting notes on CT for the 2006 yet, but the 03, 04, and 05 all look pretty nice.

I’m tempted, will probably go in for one. May sleep on it, though.

In for two based on anecdotes of previous offerings. Don’t let me down anecdotes!

Anecdotes never do!

Helix remains my favorite label from wine.woot at any price. One of the big reasons I keep coming back, hoping to find another Helix, either literally, or figuratively.

Good wine is my poison, but I fear not, for these comments are the anecdote?