Reininger's Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack Woot Info Post
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Reininger’s Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack - $49.99 + $5 shipping

4 * 2006 Helix Pomatia

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Reininger’s Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 4 2006 Helix Pomatia
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Ahhh - It’s the flashing lights & I have to be out of town tomorrow - make them stop!!!

I just cracked the first of my batch from last time! I quite enjoyed it, too. What to do…what to do?

please…no tytanium or corison…I really can’t afford another wine.woot off

I just got my wines from the last wine.woot wootoff on Monday and now Woot is out for more damage on my poor credit card already…must stay away from the computer…

I just had a bottle of the Pomatia tonight, for the price it’s a great daily drinker. I wouldn’t say it’s anything special but it’s very smooth and drinkable. A lot of plum flavors. For the price here I would say it’s a great value, luckily I still have 6 bottles left so I’m going to be able to pass on this one.

Quick, I need to hide my wallet.
I don’t think I can handle another one so soon.

same here…it was a little tight but enjoyed by all, especially for the price for walla walla.

Don’t forget about the most recent offer

Woohoo! Woot off time. I’m NOT missing out on the Corison this time!!!

Is this a red or what? Some of these varietals (Cab Sauvignon) are white, aren’t they?

This is a red blend. All four varietals listed are red.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white Cabernet Sauvignon, and I don’t think I want to imagine it, haha.

So I was wondering, what happens if you are not at your home to receive your package?

ie) you work but are not in a favorable position to receive packages at work.

I was also wondering what kind of glasses and/or accessories I might need to enjoy wine. I plan on drinking wine from now on but have no glassware, and believe that glassware might have an effect on the taste.

I also noticed that several of the cheaper wines had non-cork caps. Is this true of most of the consumer grade wine these days, and is woot’s wine usually with plastic caps?

Thanks to anyone who bothers to answer.

I’m in. Found out my tax refund will be much bigger than expected. Was meaning to try these, but was in a financial jam last time. Very happy to have a crack at this again.

Oh thank the woot gods I want more Ty Caton and Corison!!

If you miss the first delivery attempt by UPS, you can arrange to pick it up from the local distribution center, or you can have them try to redeliver. As long as you make one of the first 3 attempts, all’s well. Re the glassware, I would go to a local wine shop and get a glass there, at least to start with. Nothing expensive or fancy, just something that will give the wine some space to aerate in. Frankly I’ve used tumblers and squat(or rocks) glasses for wine before, and the experience hasn’t been terrible. I still like having a wine glass around though.

As to the enclosures, much of what you will see on here is more mid-level and better wine rather than low-end. But enclosures vary somewhat with geography and local custom. The important thing to remember is that in most cases, it won’t make a huge deal of difference unless you plan on holding the wine for some time.


Please bring me the Tytanium!

How much were these before on woot? Thanks!