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Reininger’s Helix Pomatia 4 - Pack - $49.99 + $5 shipping

4 * 2006 Helix Pomatia

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2006 Helix Pomatia
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Gah finally something to tempt me. How good is this? Also if I order this today, what are the chances that it can arrive next week? I wont be back in buffalo until after June 3rd, so there is no way for me to get it, but if I dont have to use a woot legger as to not over loaded bawhm I wont.

Now go home and get your plum shine box, little Jack.

This is suppose to be a really yummy blend. I’m not much a wine aficionado but this sounds pretty tempting…

I bought some of this last time it went around. It was okay. I think I’m going to pass this time.

Previous offer:

Really fantastic juice at this price, loads of dark fruit with a hint of chocolate. And as this is a wootoff, the chance of it showing up by the 3rd is essentially zero.

How good is it? Definitely worth the just under $14/bottle price, particularly if you like cab based blends. Drink this with food, preferably, but it’s not special occasion wine imho.
Will it arrive next week? I’d guess only if you’re lucky. Woot off wine typically takes longer to arrive, in my experience whereas normal woot wine usually arrives in a matter of a few business days (I’m in the SF bay area).

I love Washington wines, I love this wine in particular - you are killing me though - so far two purchases in one day!!

With the holiday weekend I have to think there’s no way you’ll get this next week.

This wine is okay. I’ve had wines with much, much better QPR for less money. There are plenty of wines out there at $15-$18 a bottle that will blow this away also. I guess it’s not a bad wine for $13.75 a bottle. BUT, personally, I’d rather buy two $25 bottles rather than this. I couldn’t fault anyone in grabbing 1 woot to try this, though.

My experience with Washington state wines is negligible. Does anyone have any insight as to how this blend would compare to a similar California grown blend?

Quoted for expressing my exact sentiments.

I went in for three back in February. I haven’t had a bottle recently, but I don’t regret the purchase. It seems like good value to me. All I know about wine is what I like and don’t like. I enjoyed this big, powerful wine. My wife found it overpowering and really does not like it at all (so, I don’t have to share with her). If we didn’t have so many bottles of wine in he basement, I would buy more today.

Did they just go “hey, let’s mix a bunch of stuff together and see what happens”? This looks intense, but I’m leery of blends which mix roughly equal parts of typically dominant varietals (i.e., cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and syrah).

This was originally wooted before I really starting getting involved here, so maybe that was discussed in the previous thread, but since I don’t intend to buy either way, I’m not going to spend the time to go back and look. :slight_smile:

I’m a fan. I’m hoarding my last couple bottles of snail wine to let it age a little more, but I think it’s drinking quite nicely.

I popped a bottle in March and wrote that it could use a little bit of air to open up, and needed it flavour-wise. Dark fruit with a little something green and a touch of heat. Tannin was smooth. After a little bit of time, dark fruits came more to the front and the flavour improved and I thought it was great. Just let the bottle funk go away for a few minutes and you’ll be fine.

How good is this? That’s up to you. I like this at the woot price. I’d buy more if I didn’t still have 3 bottles and nowhere to stash any more.

I went in for one, next time I know not to bring my credit card when I’m abroad. How long does it take to get woot off wines? Because I’m hoping not to linger in buffalo longer than June.

I’m still sorely disappointed that Reininger dropped Vermont from their “Ship-To” list. They are be on the TIWBM-exempt list.

My recollections are similar to yours. I opened a bottle to try it, and had half leftover for another day. As I recall, I went away for a couple days that next day, and vacuumed the air out before I left. When I came back it was still drinking nicely. Fruit Forward with black fruit, and delicious. Nothing massively complex, but just a bit more restrained than something similar from California would be. Cabernet is the lead flavor, and quite decent Cabernet at that. The rest of the blend rounds out what is an eminently drinkable wine. It would be tough for me to replicate this flavor at 13-14 bucks at the store, so it is a value as well.

So was it a huge fruit bomb? I’m on the fence over this one.