Relative Dimensions

Tardis on AA! Great!

Oh wow. Until now I thought I was tired of Doctor Who shirts. Mind: changed.

a conundrum in baby blue…nicely done.

Glad this shirt exsits! How can I say no an MC Escher inspired design?

We call this color: You Can Hold Your Breath Until You Turn Baby Blue But Nine Ain’t Comin’ Back


The windows are the wrong size.

Spoiler alert: Seconds later an Escherian Delorian crashes in to it.

Finally a shirt on AA and it’s Dr Who? I’ll pass. Not my thing. Still holding at 99 woots. AT this rate I’ll never get my black box back.

I’m not even a Doctor Who fan, but the fact that this shirt plays games with my eyes is enough for the purchase. In for 1.

I’m confused

AA + Doctor Who = Sold

I wish there was a way to be altered by email when something is being printed on AA…I didn’t even think there was any AA left.
I just hate my anvils so much shakes fist

NOOOO!!! Not ANOTHER Doc reference…le sigh…

Sweet, I love it when my favorite T.V. show gets a nod in a creative and fresh way.

Nicely done Apelad!

Oh, and for those who want a taste of cartooning that harkens back to the glory days of comic strips, I highly recommend taking a gander at Apelad’s Hobotopia.

Awesome stuff there.

A Bad Wolf reference? It really is bending space and time on that one.

Wasn’t going to do it, then I spied the “Bad Wolf” up in the corner. Oh, woot… why are you so bad for my bank account?

Pretty cool. The “Bad Wolf” signage is a modern allusion, slightly annoying to purists. Also annoys me seeing truncation and corruption artifacts of skirting trademarks, too cute by half if “POLICE BOX” is ok.

Not many places you can get a dr.who shirt at such a great price :smiley:

I know everyone is into Doctor Who now thanks to the reboot, but I liked Doctor Who before it was cool.

Oh gosh, did I just have a hipster moment there?


I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

tell me I’m not the only whovian who thought of Castrovalva.

In for 4, oh wait. crap. shaking fist at the sky… which of my kids’ doesn’t get one? or do I not get one? or maybe I order 3 today and then order again tomorrow, right?