Relax the Back Adjustable Bed Wedge Pillow System

Relax the Back Adjustable Bed Wedge Pillow System

My friend and I each bought one of these sets from the Relax the Back store a few years ago. We both paid the $249 original price. Neither of us owned it for very long.

  1. We couldn’t wait to get it home. It comes in a tight compressed “sack”. Once you take it out of the sack and it expands… You might as well find a new use for the sack. It is never going back in there (even when you want to throw it away). Expanded it is 4 very large pillows that take up alot of space.

  2. It felt great for the few minutes we tested in the store. Not so much once we got it home and put some more time on it. We both found that it after more than just few minutes of sitting it became uncomfortable. Due to the angle it felt as if the bed mattress was pushing up into your lower back causing pain. All your body weight pressure is focused right at your waist where it makes a “V”. We both couldn’t sit in this system for more than a half hour or so. I tried watching movies in bed with it. . . I don’t think I ever made it through an entire movie.

  3. I asked my friend 3 months later if she had figured it out and she said it was already in the trash. Her point was that for something to not work it took up a tremendous amount of room. She didn’t have enough space to warrant keeping it. I kept mine for a couple years (unused) at the bottom of a walk-in closet but kept having to step over it. Finally I gave up and tossed it as well. Definitely had used it less than 10 times.



Thank you for that, I was teetering on buying one ’ you saved me a lot of money.

RELAX THE FRONT. That’s a better business model.