Nice cocoon!


With apologies for asking an old question, how do the new Woot shirts fit compared to the old American Apparel ones?

(I should have been paying attention back when the switch happened, but I have enough shirts that I’d held off on buying any more unless something really nice came up.)

Edit: Stopped being lazy and found my own answer with search terms american apparel honduras anvil.

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Love the colors - a green blank is unexpectedly cool with the brights of the butterfly. This really has a nice flow.


Another pretty shirt with this particular bug. Are butterflies the new cat here at Woot?


Voted for it, gotta buy it. Really pleased this placed.


IS it just me or does this shirt scream the the very essence of the Butterfly Effect.


I’m digging the sketchy line works. The splatters of paint adds a grunge factor to the artwork. Plus, the silhouette resemble a fire phoenix.


?? It looks like a butterfly going through a windshield…minus the glass


beautiful butterfly.


It’s like a phoenix butterfly! Awesome concept!


This was the one that I was most likely to buy if it printed, so now it’s printed and I really have to decide, yet another shirt or no…my poor shirt draws are gonna burst.

Oh, and I don’t want break the pattern either. Butterfly.


If this were a poster, I’d hang it on my wall in a heartbeat (though it would require a cotton-lined glass case, and some pins). Gorgeous.


This is gorgeous! I’m totally in for one, and getting the smallest kids size hoping my 4 yr old granddaughter can enjoy it soon. She loves butterflies and this green shirt will make a nice addition to her wardrobe of almost exclusively pink and purple. And now we can match :slight_smile:


anybody else having problems getting to the “buy one” page?


I just attempted to purchase today’s shirt, everything seems to be running smoothly. Have you tried selecting the size and re-logging in?

Woot Staff


Oh no, there will still be cats. Or at least there better be…or I will cry myself to sleep every night, not just on no cat shirt nights.

However, this is a gorgeous design, and I find myself contemplating a purchase of one for my friend…and maybe myself as well. Shoot, way to make me break the bank woot!


yes…i can’t get past the buy me screen. this is the second time this has happened to me on the shirt woot site. wtf?


i have tried waiting 2 hours and trying again… i have tried changing computers, i have tried chaging from aol to ie… i have tried reloading, resigning in and about everythig else i can think of… i REALLY want this shirt… i can post though…


We’re gonna try and find out what is happening, I’ve notified some folks to check and see what’s happening. I’ll post when I received an answer :smiley:

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