thanks… i’ll check back later…:wink:


For those of you experiencing issues, please try attempting another purchase.

If any further issues arise, please check to see if you can access:
Purchase History
Payment Settings.
If you cannot access these features, then you might be experiencing some issues ordering.

Please contact us at for any further questions or concerns you may have.

Woot Staff


here i am trying hours later. can’t get to purchase hx either. It “times out” Please help me buy your shirt.



Hey wkmtca, try updating your credit card info.
Hey Woot, Do I get a free shirt for debugging?


I have closed down & logged back here several times … won’t let me log in to my account to place an order. Have also tried placing order, then logging on - only to get timed out.


i can’t get into my acct… it times out or whatever. i am afraid if i sign out i won’t be able to sign back in… so… now what… i want this shirt… boo-hoo!


scratch that…i can’t sign out either…


so i tried one more time… i shut my computer down and tried again. when i clicked the buy button i was directed to sign in (guess i did sign out but it did not show it) so i signed back in and VOILA… i bought myself a butterfly shirt. life is good…


Wow… I would’ve definitely voted for this one if I’d seen it earlier.


The Buy One button isn’t working on any of the woot sites for me. I can access my full purchase history and payment settings.

edit Logging in and out didn’t fix it, but restarting my computer did the trick. It made me log in yet again when I restarted.


pluses for energy + flow, excellent color contrasts


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Wow, beautiful! But… does this remind anyone else of a slake moth? No? Just me then…


Got my “Released” shirt last week and thought I would post how HAPPY I am that I bought this shirt!! So if you’re hesitant to buy - Don’t! you will NOT be disappointed!! This is one of the most beautiful tee shirts I own! The colors, the design - just everything about this shirt is Beautiful! Definitely describes the theme so well - Beauty Within!! Thanks Kdeuce! I’ll be looking out for more of your designs :slight_smile:


Hey, I got last Wooter! Narfcake’s influence. Hopefully I’ll get my shirt soon!