religion, nuns, and wootin...




Sure. Are you really a nun? Lots of ex Catholic school kids here.
Just don’t mix nuns with penguins. If you stay around we will tell you why.





sorry no, not a nun but i wanted to be till i discovered boys.


Damn! You’ll fit in great here!


Point me to this discussion. I gotta see what’s left of it.


No kidding.
I was on the product thread looking and I saw no 255 hr probation.


Good reason!
So Gatzby is kicking his trouble makers back here??!!?!?


I didn’t either. 59 was the longest I saw.


go to the last page (39). 2 of us can’t post but don’t show up as on probation. IP’s are blocked.




brother j has 245 more hours left.


Sister c brother j…sounds like a woot cult!
Yeah, woot got mad at us starting new names and ban ip more often now.


Ok, I side with Gatzby on this one. Doesn’t belong in product thread. Only thing I’ll ask is that since your humor seems has a small target audience, please try to go with the flow in other threads in EBW. We always welcome newcomers though.


Sounds like they have a little secret cult goin’ on there.
Not sure about this, we will see.
But then, if I don’t like the thread I just won’t read it.


explain please. don’t know what you could have possibly based this on unless you can see the deleted posts. go with the flow? of what?


we did and still do :slight_smile: others still cannot post.


Sounds like something I need to be apart of


ooh, they have the dog, and with a Woot-off coming up!!
Well, welcome to EBW.


The discussion that I saw didn’t seem to be about the product.

I didn’t mean to offend. Sorry if it came across that way. It just seems like you’ve developed a tight crew there. It almost seemed like you had storyline going there – rather in a language that you understood. Some was missing of course so I didn’t get the whole gist.