Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips


recommended by this guy



Try em…it’s the white thing to do.


Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at and check out this brief review over at


Yup - I’d trust the reviews by these folks


I haven’t been this confused by a woot! item since the very first appearance of Bacon Salt.


Woot! understands the needs of their customer base.


I apologize if I missed it in the description. Is this new or refurbished?




Woots saying we be haven funky teef.


They’re less than $17 every day over on Amazon… so don’t feel like you’re missing out on this if you pass.


What’s the expiration date on these? Are they guaranteed to be within the expiration date?

[MOD: Per the features… Expiration Date: December 2014]


Is that a reference to The Supernatural Detective Agency?


Yes, this. Also, will you have at least 60 days to use up 56 of these things before they expire?


Stevie B is British?!?!


Listing states December 2014 expiration


It’s official. WOOT has jumped the shark


You read my mind.


Reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross whitens his teeth and they turn out way too bright. You can see his glowing teeth in the dark. There’s a girl here at work, her teeth are so white, I think they’re battery powered.



Couldn’t possibly be worse than yet another stupid $300 vacuum cleaner.


Will this work on stains if the stains aren’t intense?