Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips

Agreed! I have Shark Lift Away Pro, and it seems much easier to use than the Dyson (which my sister has). Seems to have stronger suction too… and it’s hundreds cheaper! BOOYA!

Fascinating. We’ve been pondering a new vacuum cleaner. We have an older Dyson, but the newer ones look much easier to handle and use. Thanks for the tip on the Shark pro.

I’d love a Roomba, but we tried that years ago and long hair killed it. Still have long hair, so no Roomba.

x2 on the Sansas. And this? What type of madness? This is not Woot! From now on I call you !tooW because the entire plan seems backwards relative to Woot! roots. These deals are not deals.

These things SUCK! Half of them were dissolved upon opening. Steer clear.

Day 1: I opened my strips and thought they forgot to put them in. Eventually I realized that I had to tug on them a little to get them off of the side of the pouch.

I put them on without much issue, and was very pleasantly surprised by the taste. The peroxide flavor wasn’t nearly as strong as other products I’ve used.

I’ll try to report back after I get through the rest of the strips, but I’m optimistic at this point.

I can’t even find a place to complain…the fact is Woot took my money and I have not seen the product…it has been 3 weeks…so guess this the worst woot

Sorry about that. If you haven’t already, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

Soooooo… this follow-up is coming way later than I’d hoped. I was actually reviewing another purchase when I realized I never touched back on this one.

After using all of the strips in the recommended time, I was quite happy with these.

They did whiten my teeth enough that it was noticeable. I could probably stand to go another round as suggested in the instructions.

I was never disturbed by the taste like I have been with other products where I discontinued use.

My tongue did seem to get a bit raw towards the end of the use, but it was never severe, and it cleared up within days of finishing the treatment.

The only other issue I had was applying the strips to the lower teeth. I eventually realized that it worked a lot better if I got it centered, left my lips relaxed (a smile makes the tops easy to put on) and then focused on one side then the other.

Overall, I was quite happy. My wife wants some the next time I see them for sale.