Remedy Calf Compression Sleeves 9 colors

Is the toenail polish included?

How long are these? My wife ordered a different brand once from Amazon and it only reached her mid-calf.

Here they are at Walmart for a few bucks more, may save with ship to store

I’ll update you when I hear back from our buyer. Good question!

UPDATE: We don’t have the exact length, but the length will vary by size and is supposed to cover the calf. It shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Hope that helps!

LOL I never noticed the bad Photoshopping on some colors over the red polish in the first few photos.

It’s hard to imagine why these things can’t be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Do they frolic too much to leave the lower 48?

Any chance there’s matching underwear to go with this?

Small fits women shoe size 4-5; ankle size 6.5-8.0; calf 10.5-14.5
Small fits men shoe size up to 7; ankle size 7.5-8.5; calf 11.0-15.0
Medium fits women shoe size 5.5-7.5; ankle size 8-9.5; calf 11.5-15.5
Medium fits men shoe size 7.5-10; ankle size 8.5-9.5; calf 13.0-17.0
Large fits women shoe size 8-10.5; ankle size 9.5-11; calf 12.5-17
Large fits men shoe size 10.5-12; ankle size 9.0-11.25; calf 14.0-18.0
Extra large fits women shoe size 10.5 and up; ankle size 11.0-12.5; calf 13.5-17.5
Extra large fits men shoe size up to 12.5 plus; ankle size 11.5-12.5; calf 15.0-20.0

Ok, but do they work / help, etc? Have issues with Calves and /or shins on any given run. Curious if these are more for every day than for running / sports?

My son started experience shin problems for the first time late this summer. It turned out he’d actually put enough miles in one summer that he needed new shoes. We bought another brand of calf sleeves when we bought his new pair of shoes and they did help him get through the first few runs, and 1 race, until the shins improved with the new shoes. Now, he just mainly uses them for warmth during colder runs/races.

Bad photoshopping? I do believe that the pictures were taken separately. Look at the spacing between the heels, and the fabric bunching on some of the images. Or did I misunderstand your post?

No, you’re right. The model appears to be the same but the leopard-print product shots were probably taken at a completely different time. Like maybe a year or several months different.

People should stop blaming photoshop for everything.

i have a different brand, and do feel that for recovery they prevent soreness the next day after big runs, and may be even preventing shin splints as i haven’t had any real issues with that lately. i usually sleep in them. i didn’t notice any real improvement during the actual run the few times i’ve worn compression socks, and i don’t like my feet covered when i sleep so i like the full sleeves better. can’t attest to the quality but the price is half what i paid for mine.

I have a triathalon friend that swears by his compression sleeves. My wife has tried them and likes them, she does 5 & 10Ks. She bought some off Amazon and though it appeared to be a set, only one came. Upon further reading they were being sold one sleeve at a time for about this price. I need to find out her size and get her some of these.

I broke my ankle 2 years ago and still experience some swelling. I sit at a desk all day. Would these be a solution for my issue?

Seems like these might be good for preventing shin scrapes during deadlifts.

I would get these, but in order to use them I would actually have to exercise…that seems hard.

Anyways, for those wooters that do exercise (or would at least like to look like they do) I fired up the google machine and found this interesting article

For the tl;dr crowd, it looks like performance and recovery benefits are arguable but may at least provide psychological benefits.

How do you know which sleeves are men’s and which are women’s? The calf measurements are different by sex even though the ankle size matches up.

The sleeves are unisex - just pick the color you like. The sizes are from the manufacturer and meant to give guidance. If you measure your calf and you’re close to the upper end of the range, you may want to go up a size.