Remedy Calf Compression Sleeves-9 Colors

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Remedy Calf Compression Sleeves-9 Colors
Price: $16.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jan 03 to Monday, Jan 06) + transit
Condition: New


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10/29/2013 - $16.99 - 34 comment(s)

Two “very good” reviews over at


Check out @mikreb’s post from last sale regarding sizing

Will they make me run faster or jump higher ? The red ones do have a superman kinda look to them.

Check out This Page for info on the benefits of compression sleeves and socks

Bought a pair from Woot the last go-round. These will not replace true support hose but they are nice to have in the rotation. They do give fairly decent support and unlike regular support hose, they can be worn with sandals. I would draw line at SHORTS and sandals but if that’s what floats your boat, be my guest.

One thing of which to be aware - the inside of these are not completely smooth and although I didn’t find it uncomfortable wearing, it did leave marks on my legs.

Seconding Phacopida’s comment on this issue. These socks leave a size-able amount of marks on my calves which isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but is definitely not desirable. They also have a tendency to become itchy when wearing for longer periods of time. While I would like a second pair, I might shop around for a different brand because of these problems.

I also bought a pair last time, so I third phacopida and traumarama - I could read the indented logo on my leg after taking them off. I intend to try and remove the embroidery - but I’m not wearing them again until I do.

Really, my comments were edited out. Those were very applicable comments. Well, obviously someone really reads the forum.

Groupon just ended a deal for exactly these compression sleeves for $19.99.

Where were these when I was pregnant??? (although I probably would have not been able to get them over my feet. sad but true)

Your comments were added to the discussion of the last time these were sold in Oct 29. Links to prior discussion are at the top of this discussion. Very good comments, by the way. I think you made a very excellent point about these causing swelling in the foot and ankle, especially while sitting, which kept me from making a mistake ordering them. Perhaps you can cut and paste your posts back to this discussion.

As a dedicated runner, I’ve come close to buying these almost every time they have come up on Woot. But after you add the tax and shipping, it’s not a good enough deal. Why would I buy here what I can get cheaper at the Walmart down the street…where I can also return them easier if they don’t work out. That goes for so many items offered by Woot these days. You’ve become incredibly ordinary in your offerings, and not competitive on pricing. The easiest fix is to do away with your shipping charge. It doesn’t make sense anymore. The competition and your lack of interest in keeping up is making your site irrelevant.

I couldn’t agree more! It’s very rare these days for me to even consider a Woot “deal” once the $5 shipping makes the price equivalent to what I can buy down the street from my B&M retailer.

I actually have a few different brands of these (I had a blood clot and these are a nice alternative to support hose to help my leg not swell). I can honestly say that all of the brands I’ve tried leave marks on my legs and get itchy after a while.

Does anyone have experience with these for non sports related activities? Would these be good for long flights? Is the sizing on this brand accurate?

Anyone ever try these out for shin splints?

I agree with the previous comment that WOOT deals aren’t as good as they used to be.

This maybe an ignorant question, but why would a runner’s/cyclist’s well trained and toned calves need additional support?

  • one - Woot deals are not that interesting anymore. Use to find new interesting and unusual items at affordable prices. Now Woot looks like a dumping for manufacturers’ trying to clear last year’s inventory - same items reappear way too often.

I now hardly visit the site unless I am bored with something else.