Remedy Kinetic Tape

I was hoping to see some discussion of what this tape is all about. I see runners with their legs taped and I cannot imagine what it does.

It helps improve circulation and muscle stability, reduce muscle vibration, and can provide proprioceptive feedback during motion. It’s similar to using compression sleeves but can be more versatile and less restrictive. It also makes you look cool.

The looking cool part is really the best. Any time I’ve worn these, I think they’re more psychosomatically working than anything. I think I’m more stable because I just feel like something’s there giving me stability, I’m not 100% positive they actually are. But definitely do help circulation and can stay on through a few showers without being too terrible.

My physical therapist used this tape on me when I had tendonitis in my elbow and ankle and plantar fascitis. I’m not sure how much it really worked on my elbow, but it worked great on my ankle/foot. The first time I tried it, I went from hobbling in to the office to walking out normally. It definitely works, but I think it works better for certain areas than others.

Good for Osteoarthritis as well.

Anyone know if the Remedy tape is latex free? I couldn’t find the info online with a cursory search through the normal locations.

FYI for those of you wondering what Kinesio taping does and how, this Physical Therapist lays it out really well on her website, its a good read and gives you lots of tutorials on how to tape yourself

I’m checking with our buyers on the latex thing. I’ll update my post when I hear back.

EDIT: confirmed, these are latex-free.

Thanks guys… you all kick ass. I was too lazy to google what this is while deciding whether or not to buy right before work. :slight_smile:

Bought 2, now hopefully I can reattach my lower half for good!

Is this tape similar to horse wrap?

the answer is in the question

actually its more like goat wrap

I would suggest you buy some of those magnetic wristbands…statistics show they improve posture 72%

that discussion is going on now at the Algonquin Round Table

Looks like it’s cheaper at the mother ship: $7.33 + free shipping on orders over $35 for the blue tape. So if you’re not particular over the color, I would head that way.

Kinesiologist here. I don’t believe in k-tape. Total sham. There have been studies done that show no correlation between using k-tape and improved function. The perceived healing capabilities are largely to be placebo.

Most physical therapists are given this tape for free by the manufacturing companies. It doesn’t really harm patients so physical therapists will always give it a shot, which is basically free advertising for the manufacturing companies. Some physical therapists will actually give you tape for free.

One last thing. Technically, you need a medical professional to put it on. They have special ways of manipulating the tap to bring out it’s full potential. If the average person puts it on, it’s about the same as putting duct tape on (again, assuming that k-tape actually works).

TL;DR - Effectiveness of k-tape dubious. Save your money.

Haha, this. I like this. For those that don’t understand, it means that k-tape is a sham.

Several colors are much cheaper ($5.50-$6.48) with free Prime shipping on the big site:

Could this tape be used to reduce beer-gut shake?

Thanks! Way less harsh! (especially for those of us with latex allergies)