Remington High-Powered LED Headlight

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Night Vision FTW!

Looks like one is burnt out, you’ll get pulled over for that.

If no one buys these, you could send a crate down to the Chilean miners.

What, too soon?


I got one of these when they were last up. Works great…scares the heck out of the kids. Well worth it

Okay, but if I was ever in an emergency situation that actually required headgear- I would rather be dead

I’m waiting for the LOW-Powered LED Headlight

Looks like this thing goes through the batteries pretty quickly.

The Borg scare me!!

These are great for camping, boy scouts, etc.

I use this to bike at night. These work pretty well with the other lights I have on my bike.

Great for kayaking…or hunting and killing small woodland creatures …or just wearing to bed if your afraid of the dark

maybe a little to soon… but that was funny…(i hope they get out tho)

In for three. I bought these before, they are awesome. Super bright and uber cool.

Got one last time and love it. Even finished trimming the lawn late one evening with it.

Wouldn’t be caught Spelunking without one.

I bought two last time and just bought two more for gifts. I use mine for walking my dogs at night and they are a great bike light. Unbelievable how bright they are…