Remington i-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

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**Item: **Remington i-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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10/17/2013 - $149.99 - 39 comment(s)

Time to check out the product page and some OK reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at

FYI, this is not laser hair removal, like that used by Tria. Instead, it uses a VERY high intensity flash of normal light, similar to a camera flash. When contained, this light is absorbed by your hair, carrying the energy to the root where it is destroyed by the heat. The major advantage of pulsed lighting versus laser is that the treatment area is much larger. Just compare the area lit by a laser vs that by a conventional flashlight. The disadvantage is that the lighting cartridge needs to be replaced regularly to maintain its intensity.

Let’s watch a video [youtube=8HpV7_A1Lqw][/youtube]

Did she say it was OK for removing hair from her “~” parts?

Although Remington is too cautious to recommend this for facial use, many men and women have used it successfully on their face. See Amazon reviews. Models by other companies using the same technology, power and frequency are advertised as safe for facial use. Keep in mind that Remington never states that it’s unsafe or ineffective to use on the face – merely that they never cleared it for that use. And this is their own corporate clearance, not some FDA designation as far as I know. It;s a way to avoid lawsuits. The biggest concern is having the light too close to the eyes so wear goggles if possible.

Also, Remington is again cautious by saying that it’s for temporary hair removal. Models from other companies with nearly identical specs advertise that it can permanently remove hair. That would indeed be the case if you destroy the follicle – just like electrolysis. You need to follow the multiple treatment schedule carefully for best results.

Companies usually exaggerate the specs of their products but Remington is unusual in downplaying the two aspects of this product. Bravo to Remington but I’m afraid that it has hurt sales as compared to competing IPL products.

I was thinking the replacement cartridges could be as much as the original … so I was holding back, but here…
we have them at Wally World for about $22

I’ve been using the same cartridge since April-- of course I only use it on my face. I suppose if you were doing legs or underarms it might need to be changed sooner.

BTW-- this has worked great for me and saved me a small fortune at the salon. I highly recommend it. I have used it exclusively on my face and the hair has all but disappeared.

I checked it out because the thunbnail looked like a bedpan. Much to by surprise, the full-size picture also looks like a bedpan

'Hope this is a solution for hirsute wooters.

Looks like the same refurbished light is $199 at the Remington site with free shipping

Are you trying to insinuate you need a bed pan?

I thought it was a toilet seat…lol

Signs I’ve been working waaaayyy too much lately: I saw it and first thought was bwa? A bedpan on sellout!? A quick message to a friend got the same reaction.

Pulled the trigger on this one.

I’ll try and keep all of this short, but it’s information that some of you may want to know.
First off, I’m a guy in my early 30s. I am Italian, have dark hair, and light skin, but tan easily. I’ve probably spent a few thousands at laser clinics trying to laser away the hair under my jaw line, the front of my neck and on the back of my neck. I hate it, and absolutely DESPISE shaving with a passion! You know what, I can’t even express how much I hate it! I hate shaving that much.

I have very sensitive skin and when I would shave it would get really irritated, so almost a decade ago I said screw it and started going to laser hair clinics. What you have heard is very true, laser hair removal can be extremely pricey! Like I said, I have spent thousands of dollars on my quest to achieve hair-free skin. But the way I am looking at it, one session is roughly about the same price as this Remington i-LIGHT unit, so it is well worth it to me. One thing I will highly advise (that I myself am going to do): purchase some pre-laser removal numbing cream like NumbNuts or BareEase, or you can call your local hair removal clinic and find out what they use to ease the sting of the laser before they start zapping away. The pain isn’t that excruciating, but it does get annoying after a while and can get a little sensitive when you’re doing areas like the back of your neck or around your highly-sensitive “nether” regions (have yet to venture into that territory, but I know that stubble down there straight up sucks to high hell).

For some, like me, the hair will probably never fully go away, but it is very nice not to have to shave for 2-3 months at a time, and it well worth it for comfort and confidence sake. Every review I think I’ve ever read for an at-home hair removal product, I have always felt was total BS, but at this price, and at this point in my life, I’m going all in on this fight because I’m tired of being so self conscious about body hair. I know that it is a sensitive topic and some of you, like me, are self conscious about it too. I’m trying to fight the good fight by providing some honest information, I’m sure I could go on with more details, tips, facts, etc., but I’ll cut it off here. If anyone has any questions, by all means, please feel free to ask away by sending me a PM or posting a response in this thread. :slight_smile:

Do you like it?
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Hi I was wondering does the fact that it’s refurbished make a difference? and if so how? thanks

Well I don’t think that it will make a difference in how it was originally intended to perform, but there is a Square trade offer on it for $35 for two years. I was thinking about tacking that on, myself.