Remington i-LIGHT Pro IPL Hair Removal System

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Will this handle cat-hair in my berber carpet?

it might take the hair off your cat

3.4 Stars on a Similar Model over at Remington

Anyone ever use this for back hair? Gross, I know, that’s why I’m interested in it.

I think I own this same model (mine has gold-ish accents, not silver however,) and the instructions in mine say not to use it on back hair for whatever reason. I, of course, did not listen and tested it on my boyfriend anyways, and he lived through it just fine. He was able to stand it up to level 3 without any pain.

With correct usage I can say that it’s actually providing results for me on my legs. Disclaimer: I do have the best possible combination for results though - pale skin, dark hair. Hope this helps!

What about front hair?

Replacement cartridges seem to run about $20 on Amazon.

I bought one of these in the store awhile back.

  1. It didn’t remove much in the way of hair. It was no replacement for shaving. It is very low powered compared to commercial units (7kj vs 40kj for commercial units).
  2. What (very) little hair was removed all grew back.
  3. They tell you not to use it on your face ever. I tried it on my face anyway and had little in the way of results, even when zapping the same spot 4x in a row.
  4. The faster you zap, the quicker your bulb burns out. I know I didn’t get the “1400 Zaps” they quoted on the bulb it came with. Bulbs are $20. It is a razors and razorblades business model, except that razors actually remove hair…
  5. You use it once and then have to wait a month before using it again.

Basically, this is too low power to be of any use, and even the pro IPL systems are not as effective as an actual laser based system.

I finally gave up on it when the bulb burned out. I probably treated myself with it 5 times over as many months. I was also worried about using it on my face (as it says not to do), because I noticed some aging that I hadn’t seen before, and was worried that it might be related.

you have got to be kidding me. It specifically says not to use it on your face, and you do it anyway. then worry that the aging is the result of the laser? yes. it is. it says not to use it on your face in the instructions!

FYI to anyone looking to buy one:
This is not a replacement for a razor. The instructions tell you to shave first before using. The purpose of this machine is to prevent hair from growing back. I actually have one that I used on underarm hair (for about 5 weeks - once a week) and I am seeing really good results (but I also have the good combo of light skin and dark hair).

Does that include microkini areas are OK?

Both tongue in cheek and somewhat seriously. If you’re not supposed to use it on your back (thinner skin?)or on your face, but bikini area ok! my my my :wink:

Can this be used on black skin without risk of hyper-pigmentation?

A good question, I checked it out and found from the Remmington page: “i-Light Pro is intended for use by individuals with light to medium skin colors, including white, ivory, tan, beige, and light brown only.”

IPL machines are not supposed to be used as hair removal. After spending several thousand dollars for professional IPL, I called another med spa, and they told me that there were so many lawsuits about IPL not working for hair removal (or for keeping hair from going back), that they had discontinued offering the service. Also, my sister-in-law is an aesthetician who owns several med spas, and confirmed that IPL is NOT to be used for hair removal.

I have this particular model and did not receive positive benefits after using properly. I have dark hair and medium/mediterranean complexion. also does not come with eye protection, which i highly recommend. since you get the same number of zaps whether you are on level 1 or 5, i suggest using “dr Numb” on your skin and cranking it to 5 for best results.