Remington King of Shaves Kit

How many layers of skin will I lose with every shave? Yikes!

Woot! Just in time for No Shave November! Luckily, I’m more of a Movember kinda guy.

Got these last time and they weren’t very good.

The general consensus from past woots is that the guys don’t like it but the gals do. I tried it once, hated it, and gave the leftover blades and razors to the homeless.

They SUCK!!! Not a very close shave. Poor design

Do not buy these. They ate terrible. Blades are too close together and get clogged immediately. My three month old Gillette fusion blade was still a better shave than a brand new Remington.

Buyer beware.

I got some during a wootoff, and now there’s the opportunity of more… tempting…

They give a nice shave, and it’s even better with their cost.

They also make good gifts, my father who had been shaving with a razor for way too long was overjoyed with this sudden (and cheap) gift.

Can you give some more info to help others decide?


I bought them last time around, they are HORRIBLE!!! They tear the HELL out of my face and take twice as long to shave with than Hydro 5 razors. Then they are next to impossible to clean. These are total garbage. I threw mine in the trash after I tried a couple.

its piece of crap. not a good buy. woot don’t need sell this product.

I bought these the last go around and well, they really suck at shaving your jaw/neck area. Awkward razor, doesn’t provide a very close shave… To be perfectly honest I’m just using them to shave the bulk of the hair and touching up with my Mach 3. Just buy what we all know is the best and don’t bother penny pinching with this one.

I actually really like these razors. Initially I had a problem with the blades getting clogged when I used shaving gel, but I have since switched to a Nivea shaving cream and I get a close quick shave. I feel that they shave just as well as my 5 blade fusions.

Quite possibly the worst razors ever. I cant get a close shave with these at all. The disposables at your local target or walmart are miles better than these.

I got 3 of these last time, they are the worst razors I have ever used. Almost impossible to get a close shave. Save your money

I agree with the post about them clogging immediately. I was not able to get even 1 shave. Had to go over it with my Gillette

I must admit I bought 3 last time these came up. I also had a $5 coupon to use. I used this on vacation and when I got back I went to my old razor. They’re decent they just feel kinda awkward in my hand.

It appears I missed the boat, but tax… really woot? This’ll probably be the last thing I buy from you guys, after 8 years of wooting. The internet is for tax free purchases! If I wanted to pay tax, I’d go down to the store. I already have to pay for shipping, tax is just a slap in the face. Thanks Amazon.

First and foremost, they don’t provide a close shave. I have to go over the same area numerous times and still don’t get as close a shave as with a Gillette twin blade razor.

Second, the handles are cheap and the plastic breaks easily.

Third, they clog easily.

Agreed worst razors ever I had to press the blades against my face with my finger, took me 20+ minute to shave. Not recommended.