Remington King of Shaves Kit



Each head does not last very long, and they clog very easily since the blades are so close together.

I would not recommend.


After No-shave November, you’ll need all those blades!


I was wondering…Do shaves REALLY need a king?



These are HORRIBLE!!!

The baldes are too close, they clog and are impossible to clean. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE!!!

If you don’t believe me, just wait for more reviews from others who have wasted their money on this garbage!!! Or scroll back and read reviews when they were offered in the past.

WOOT…YOU SUCK for continuing to seel these after all the complaints you received about them.


not even worth it for such a cheap price? I usually use a Gillette Fusion Power but could trade off for a while for a cheap price! Those Gillette blades are so expensive!


Even as cheap as this deal is, it is NOT worth the money. I purchased this last time it came around. If you have a light beard then it might work for you. The concept is good, but the blades clog way too easily, and the worst part is that they are next to impossible to clean. So if you do buy this expect to waste a blade every time you shave… not much of a bargain.


No matter how cheap they are, if you cannot use them, they are a waste of money. Seriously, this is the WORST product Woot has ever sold.


I would also recommend passing on these. They just don’t work that well at all.


I bought them last round and they seem alright. Not as close of a shave as my 5 bladed one but the price was nice.

I did drop the handle and broke the clips that hold the razor on. Was quite bummed considering I hadnt even gone through one cartridge. I contacted remmington/king of shaves folks and they prombtly sent me a new handle with extra blades no questions asked. That was nice.

As for those who say they clog. Its easy to unclog razor like this or your five bladed ones. Just swipe the razor against your arm or other body parts in the opposite dirrection and it removes all the gunk.


these are razors. they work like razors. “do not buy” only if you have hair on your face as thick as hair on your head. if you have hair on the head…

but for the simple, day to day shave? these are fine, and work well. how long do they last? idk they are disposable, after all. at least several+ good shaves, it seems.


How horrible of woot to re-list this horrid product after the consistently harrowing reviews. Shame on woot.


These razors get a bum rap. Use shaving cream instead of gel and it’s smooth sailing.

Not as great as the razors with $30 refills but they’re almost as good for a fraction of the price.

I’ve bought 6 of these sets in the past few months and they should last me for years.

I have had no trouble with the blade coming off–I run it through water instead of tapping it on the sink. It does clog more but, again, just splash through water.

It takes me a couple of times to get a new blade on but that’s just a few extra seconds.

These would also make excellent stocking stuffers–just include a can of shaving cream.


I bought the max amount the first time they were available and again the second time. You will be very pleasantly surprised at the shave you will get…and without any bleeding! They work great, they cost a fraction of what we are forced to pay for the other brand and besides getting a good shave, it’s a way of fighting back against those sky high prices.


I use the Gillette Fusion power also and thats why I bought this last time, but with my Gillette, a single blade will last me almost a MONTH and I have a heavy beard. When I used the Remington blade, I hadnt shaved over the course of a three day weekend. I could not get the blades clean enough after each stroke. I ended up wasting TWO blades for that shave, and even my wife commented about how bad the shave was. This is NOT a deal, its a scam by Remington.


I thought even if I only got a couple of shaves per blade it would be worth it… I’m not so sure. I bought these the first time around and I’m frustrated at the quality of the save even on the third day with the same blade… sadly, not a winner.


So I bought these one of the last times and now I have a beard. Coincidence? Well, yes it was for No Shave November, and I look awesome with my beard.

All joking aside these work, but feel somewhat odd in my hand. For this many razors though who can complain. Last time I bought razor blades in the store I had to take out a second mortgage on my house.


Any guess on number of posts this time around? We had over 175 last time.


Are you serious!?! You must have a light beard. I would compare these to the single bladed BIC disposables, but at least the BICs are easier to clean between shaving strokes.


These shave OK everywhere but close to your nose. They are not great, but they beat the crap out of anything else for the price. I have never cut myself with them, and clogging has not been a problem. I can have a three day beard and it doesn’t clog them. As the saying goes, YMMV.