Remington King of Shaves Kit



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Let the blade wars begin! I have 4 sets, as for me, they work fine. Your stubble may vary.


Its back, LOL. Not to start the whole argument again, but…used mine from a previous sale just last night…and had to finish the job with a fifty cent throw away razor because this thing won’t get within a cm of my nose.


I bought these a couple of woot offs ago and while the handle takes a little getting used to, the blades work just fine. I own the Mach 3 and Fusion and these blades seem to work just as well for a fraction of the price. You do have to hold onto the head when knocking out water and hair, but for the savings, it is well worth it. The price is unbeatable.


I bought 2 sets back before Thanksgiving. I’m a very light hair guy… some stubble but no shadow… My issue with this is that you have to find the right angle to get it to shave correctly. When you’re in a hurry you will have to go over an area about 3 times to get it right. This woot… I’m keeping my $$$$




Bought these last time. Figured it was worth the chance due to the cheap price. Boy was I wrong. You would be better off plucking your facial hair out with a tweezers.


I bought these in a previous Woot Off and waited to finish up my other expensive brand. They are worthless… I can’t find any angle or pressure that works. I am planning to drop them off at a local men’s shelter. No danger of cutting yourself no matter how bad your shakes are in the morning.


Absolute garbage.


I thought I’d save some money and bought the max on a previous Woot. Had to finish up with an old Fusion blade. My first thought using the Rem blades was how comfortable the shave was. Then I realized why. The only thing being removed from my face was the shaving cream. These blades are as effective as a butter knife. Mine are now at the landfill.


The worst.


They may look tempting, but avoid at all cost if you’re planning to use these to shave your face. I’d rather use a cheap disposable razor than these. The problem has more to do with the design of the handle as opposed to the actual quality of the blade.


Hmmmmph. Suddenly all the lurkers come out. Why aren’t y’all doing some posting and entertaining me with funny pictures!


Naysayers, you just aren’t doing it right. :slight_smile:


the issue is pressure applied. the rubber joint makes it so you can’t apply as much pressure as with the fussion type razors.
found use of lighter cream or soap shaves better. the sensitive cream is too thick…
bought some for grandpa too. 28 dollars for like two years worth of razors and three handles… stocking stuffer…


that’s what she said… haha


Agreed! - great shaver EXCEPT for that little area under the nose…


Tough beard? This will clog. Tap on the sink to try to clear? The blade pops off. I do not recommend.


Like many others here, I bought these awhile ago on a former woot off and just started using them a few weeks ago. I do not have any issues with them clogging (although I shave in the shower). I use my disposables many times over and these are not an exception. They seem to last about as long for me (a few weeks). I do, however, find the way they attach the blade a little odd. For the most part they work OK. But I do admit that there are areas where it always seems to miss. Along my jaw bone near my chin, for one, they just don’t seem to want to get very well. In addition, I cannot seem to get as close to my goatee and as detailed near it as with a standard designed razor.

All in all I would say if you are not that picky and you aren’t in need of fine definition, these might be ok for you. Also, they probably would work well for shaving legs, although I cannot verify that.