Remington King of Shaves Kit



inb4 avalanche of hate



Just don’t do it.

They are terrible. They clog way to easy and can’t even cut day old stubble.

They gave my Fiance terrible razor burn on her legs also.

We threw all of them away.



I bought this one a while back…horrible. Horrible.


these are terrible…they wouldnt shave a babies ass.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Buy these if you hate your face.


Yep, these are the worst blades I’ve ever used. A year old Gillette Mach 5 shaves better than a brand new one of these.


I bought these last time Woot had them and it felt like I was shaving with sand paper dotted with needles. These things are absolute garbage. I still have like 30 of them and went back to buying expensive razors. I would stay away, unless your face is made of leather.




I made the mistake of purchasing a few of these awhile ago. The worst shave I have ever had. Terrible, terrible, terrible.


Gotta agree with everyone else. I bought one a while back, used it like three times, and then turned it into a tiny slingshot. Thats about all it’s worth.


Thanks for the comments, men. I was just about to spring for some when I read the blog. WILL NOT BUY !!!


Remington had a great new idea here… a shaver that put the edge on your skin the perfect way every time. So I used the ones I got here a few months ago, and… well let’s just say not every “deal” is as good as it appears. I’m back to my old razor… mmmmmm, nice.


So I should buy three because I hate my life?


I am using these daily. I’m careful to wash the carts (I shave in the shower). I’m not Zach Galifianakis, but I have an average beard and they work fine. They need a little different technique because of the size of the head, and I don’t use gobs of shaving gel, so maybe that’s why they stay fine for me. I’d say about 8 days is the limit, unless your beard is made of copper wire. Geez people, ease off!


Save your money and invest in a proper wrist-cutting razor blade.


These suck, don’t buy them. I did last time and threw 95% of them away new. Just go buy some Mach 3 razors and be done with it. There is no substitution for them.


I haven’t tried these blades, but I don’t like what I’m reading…King of Shaves Alphagel is still my favorite shave gel, since the days before Remington put their name on it…if they bollucks-up the brand, I Will Be Very Put Out.


I will never buy these again, but for the price they could be worse (not much though). As long as you shave every single day and don’t need a really close shave they’ll work. If you ever skip a day between shaves though the blades will clog with hair and you’ll probably have to use about 3 heads just to clear off the extra growth.


My husband HATES these razors. A complete waste of money. DO NOT buy them!