Remington King of Shaves Kit

Wooters be aware that the $5 all you can ship is gone. You will now have to pay $5 for every order (not item, but order). There is a new cart feature which allows you to order multiple items at the same time for $5 per order. BUT just because you add an item to your cart doesn’t mean you have it reserved, so you can’t just wait until end of day to submit your order.

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this razor = boooo hisssssss

Best razors ever or worst razors ever? Discuss.

Not recommended. I got this in a previous woot off (free shipping, thankfully) and I do not think it does a very good job of shaving. YMMV.

BAHAHA!! This was a stretch with unlocked shipping. Terrible deal now that you have to pay another $5 for it!

Just wait! Powerbands are next!!

These are the worst ever products and Remington should be ashamed to have these in their product line.


As long as they keep posting this item, I will respond. OK for ladies shaving legs in shower or men with VERY light beards. All others get a easily clogged and very akwardly designed razor that will NOT shave under your nose.

This thing deserves a bag of it’s own so it can be a one item B.O.C.

Buyer beware!

these razors are crap. Could not shave a whisker with it. Don’t waste your money.

I agree. I threw mine out after about a couple of shaves.

I have about 50 of these and can not use them. They do not cut the hair close enough. They are the worst razors I have used in 45 years of shaving.

Worse than bad. Every second you try to use these terrible razors that pull and scrape on the second use will only be a minor irritation compared to the handle, lovingly design to make it impossible to intuit where the blade IS, and the super-slick mirror finish makes just holding it in your hand an impossible challenge.

If you are considering going to a straight razor, using one of these for a couple days will make your transition from disposables a complete joy.

OK, it’s official… They will NEVER change back to unlocking shipping. If people are going to pay 5 dollars shipping for 5.99 shaver that people are YELLING not to buy… We’re Doomed… DOOMED, I tell ya!

edit: And 50% of the people are buying just 1!

Horrible excuse for a razor. My husband hated it, so I figured I could use them so shave my legs. They are so oddly designed, I hated them. (No, my legs aren’t odd … the razors are.)

Don’t waste your money.

DONT DO IT. Your hair will clog up and get stuck in the 5 blade razor really fast and it becomes worthless.

I wanted to try and save everyone from wasting money on these by letting you know how terrible they are, but it looks like everyone beat me to it. Still, I’d like to go on record as calling these things garbage.

I feel better.

I hated this razor. I bought if for my son as we were buying him college supplies. I’m ashamed to say I sent him off with this razor. He hated it, and gave it back to me as a gag gift at Christmas. Awful, it is literally impossible to get a good shave. This is the Anti-Christ of razors

Worst. Ever.

These wear out when you put them under running water, before you ever attempt to butcher your face with them.