Remington MicroFlex Titanium Rechargeable Shaver



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Remington MicroFlex Titanium Rechargeable Shaver
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Remington Microflex 400 R-450 Cordless Shaving System

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will this work on underarm hair?


Anyone else in the same camp that no matter how good the electric shaver is, it still does not get as close as the old shaving cream and blades?


Is this waterproof? Can I use it in the shower?


would you use a tweezers to do that?


Are these any good?

My attempt at a mustachio isn’t going so well.


there’s one review on Amazon and its not so good.
Amazon link


Good shaver if you like the tri-head design (I don’t, so I dumped mine)


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Remington MicroFlex 400 titanium … $39.00 - eBay


2 minutes in and that’s all we got?

To answer your question, I’m sure it does. Just make sure you hair isn’t too long or it will pull!! ouch!


Eh… nothing special. They are readily available at this price on eBay and other places.


from my experience, those things work on EVERYTHING (might take a few times over on wrinkly old skin…because its hard to keep the skin from folding up)


awesome, my old one just broke this morning


Could be worse, could be a refurb (rox0rz!)


no deal

Kohls had this for $5.99 :thumbdown: woot. come on you can do better than $19.99.


I love the…“writers” at woot, great castro reference =D


garbage… amazon ranked it with one star only ten more bucks in stores


Remington makes the best shavers out there and if I weren’t a mountain man I’d buy this…


hey! something that I might actually get! how good is this? My brother has a similar one, don’t know if it’s the same one. I can get these pretty cheap at my work after my discount, but I think it’d end up more or less this same price.