Remington Rotary Microflex Shaver

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New Remington Rotary Microflex Shaver, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Remington R800DT Rotary Microflex Shaver

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Who shaves in the winter? Grrrrrr.

Sweet! A Mothers day gift!

Does not help with no-shave november…

hmm, my father’s birthday is coming up, but i think he already has an electric shaver. will have to contemplate.

2 out of 5 stars here.

Does anyone know if this is a good shaver? My old one held a charge for about five days and then would only work when plugged in. How is this one? Smooth, painless shave?

I just paid almost $30 for a replacement set of heads for my Remington shaver (not this model). It might have made sense, if I had not just done so, to toss the old one and get a brand new shaver.

Glad I already bought the new heads… Makes trying to think about it a whole lot easier.

these any good? i could use a new one.

It is not refurbished!!!

Not good reviews…

hey, i never had a electric shaver before, is there a setting where i can like not save it completely or something?

The main problem with this shaver;

“Lack of a close shave, irritates skin on neck”

wow, i actually have this EXACT shaver. uh…what to say about it? it’s pretty good for an electric shaver, its quiet and it has good battery life. it’s sometimes tough to get everything, i just use the mustache trimmer first. it’s fairly easy to clean, and waterproof if you want to clean it that way.very portable. good for this price, i got it for $80.

Mostly negative comments from Dealtime reviewers. I’ll pass

Certainly is a cheap price and you get what you pay for on this!

Norelco is high priced and you get what you pay for there too - a great shave!

Do not purchase for a Father. You’d might as well purchase a novelty tie.


Sazze Reviews

I purchased one from target.

IT IS TOTAL CRAP. Might as well buy a weedwacker, cause it will give a closer less painful shave…

For $30 at wallyworld you can get a better deal then this.