Remington Twin Mesa Day Pack

Ok, I would totally buy this if I knew the pattern would look* exactly like this one. Because the pocket on the left side looks like a zombified rotting leg.

not a bad pack.

still above my price needs. I will end up getting a military pack instead I think.
in Olive Drab or black.

I definitely like the spot for holding your rifle.

that was part of what tempted me, but…because I live in an urban setting, and I use a cane some days. And I like golf umbrellas. And I was thinking I could use that for those more prosaic things.

I dont know if you are military, but if you are US Standard Issue had a great oakley backpack on there. You have to be military or law enforcement though.

Not military at all But I like some of there packs which I usually can get. Otherwise goto surplus stores to pick up novelty stuff that is highly usable. Lots 2nd hand though.

Those pouches look to be about the right size for AR15 mags. On the other hand, the gun-carrying system doesn’t look like it would fit an AR15.

I suppose if you’re out hunting you’ll want to carry a varmint rifle to deal with varmints, and perhaps a single-shot for bigger game?

The backpack looks nice though. :wink: