Remote Control RGB Outdoor Holiday Laser Projector

I have this. The red lights are quite dim but the green ones are bright and fun. The light sensor is quite sensitive so it stays on half of the day sometimes if it is cloudy, (you can’t tell unless you look at the laser itself).

I just got mine and they were DOA. Bummer. Hopefully I hear back from woot customer service soon.

So in the features it states:

“One light covers the entire house - just stake, plug, and play - no more strings, ropes, and ladders.”

I always just assumed that one of these would only cover one side of my house. How does it get the other three sides?

Well, yeah. That’s probably an exaggeration or they’re assuming you only decorate the front of your house. :\

Woot!!! They shipped me a new one.

As far as covering the whole house, we have a corner lot with an open back yard. We want this to decorate one of the three exposed sides.