Remote Control T-Rex Dinotronic


Welcome to the Remote Controlled T-Rex topic for Thursday October 28th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the T-Rex here.




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RoboSAPIEN, not Saurus. (sigh)

Woot, why have you forsaken me?


BTW, TOP THREE!! WOOT-HOO!! Geez, I’m such a spaz.


It’s 1 o’clock. Yay!



funny little woot look at the larger picture

t-rex and tron lol classic









I stayed up for this?! BTW first PAGE!!


hehe wooohooooo


Remote Control T-Rex Dinotronic

Walking & Roaring Lifelike Dinosaur
From the makers of the Robosapien

$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Looking for a woot worthy holiday present for the kids? This remote-control 3D animated T-Rex is from the manufacturer of the famous Robosapien humanoid robot (WowWee Ltd). With the bone shaped infrared remote control, you (um we mean your favorite kid) can make him walk, roar and wreak havoc through an advanced computer controlled 3D motion system. He snaps his jaws, swings his head, thrashes his tail, and even blinks his tiny yellow eyes! And his brown rubberized skin moves and feels like the real thing.

As pictured, each unit comes with partially eaten Charge-It Power brick which contains 27 AA Alkaline batteries. Yes, this T-Rex actually eats batteries!

Specs: 21" length, 12" tall

Perfect size to battle your family pet

uses 6 AA batteries

Computer controlled 3D motion

Sophisticated Gearing

Realistic Sound Effects

New, Retail Box w/display window

recommended for ages 4+ (may contain small parts)

all kids like dinosaurs

included by woot:
Each T-Rex Package includes a total of 27 AA batteries in a hard-to-open yellow case.
(in other words, we are throwing in a Charge-it multi-use power brick with each dino – inside each brick are 27 AA Rechargable Alkaline batteries)

QuickTime T-Rex Commercial Spot


i might get one


[img] 8)


dang, not #1


Does it scratch it’s nuts?


beg to differ on the who came first issue : :stuck_out_tongue:


crappy toy, not interested




First Page? I don’t want it but cool anyways.