Remote Control Thunderbike


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AfterFX wuz here!!!


This woot blows, try again tommorrow




[color=darkred:1723cc6718][size=18:1723cc6718]Well, Crap!
I have to sell this Ipod that I just bought yesterday!

Email me if you’re interested [webwiz2600(@)]. My washing machine just broke and guess how much it’s supossed to cost.

$375 Shipped but I get to keep the rebate. I figured I’d give you 1st dibbs before it sells around 380-400 (shipped) on ebay.[/size:1723cc6718][/color]
[size=9:1723cc6718]I have had a few people contact me so email me if you interested.[/size:1723cc6718]




wowee. a remote control bike.


Once again, you guys knew this one was coming…

[size=14:7184d998db]how about Brave Woman on the bike???[/size:7184d998db]

[size=18:7184d998db][color=red:7184d998db]This first page dedication is dedicated to HART, for all his bio-osity, and to my cuz, who he refuses to acknowledge meeting today. HOORAY!!![/color][/size:7184d998db]

i had to give it one more shot…

i know it sucks…sorry…the thumb took like 20 minutes…




weeeeeeee I made it to the first page!


Hey this looks pretty cool! But, it’s just a toy we don’t need.






I stayed up just to post this!



Late for this :frowning:


First Page!


there’s a video of the thunderbike here:

and here’s a direct link to the real movie:

the video doesn’t get cool until the shopping network comes on and you see them playing with it in the studio. that thing’s wicked fast when you get it spinning.