Remote Controlled Flying Saucer


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sweet toy


dumb dumb dumb dumb




looks like fun


Oooooooooh… unfortunately I’d be overdrawing my bank account :frowning:


Cool, cheap, but probably quite useless.


I am the One Millionth poster…I would like my prize now please…

Egad!!! Not the speakers AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




Looks like something stupid, crappy and cheap.

Right up my alley, I’m in for one,


Heh…I see these at the mall all the time.
Would buy if it were $5.01




anyone… it works for 10 mins on a full charge.


" Starwarsfr3ak’s favorite mode of transportation!" :lol:

Wow woot is s…l…o…w , took me 5 minutes to post this and im on cable.



Starwarsfr3ak’s favorite mode of transportation!



[color=brown:48d08e528e][size=24:48d08e528e]1st? 2nd? 3rd? Who really cares!!! Grow up, we’re not 6 years old, are we???[/size:48d08e528e][/color]


firstly, this looks like a fun toy so i’m in for one. nothing like a ufo for a colllege dorm, right?

secondly, “starwarsfr3ak’s favorite mode of transportation.” :lol:


Remote Controlled Flying Saucer
Starwarsfr3ak’s favorite mode of transportation!

now that is some funny 'ish. this site is as fast as retarded molasses, next woot item should be DSL or cable for ME.

BTW I wrote this whole thing before those smiley icons finsished loading


My very first woot, finally! Man what a rush. I’ve played with these things several times, and they are a kick. Only stay charged a short while and are no good in wind, but a very cool indoor toy for a great price. I’m in for 3! :smiley: