Renegade UHD/4K Streaming Media Player

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Renegade UHD/4K Streaming Media Player
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 27 to Tuesday, Mar 28) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Save your money and get an Android streaming media box off of Ebay for lot less ($50 to $75 range and not $299.99). S905 also is the older chipset S912 is the current one.

lol… $299 for these specs? Maybe they meant $29.99 not $299. lol

You guys are paying for the add ons and lifetime IPTV subscription. Hopefully the company stays afloat long enough to get your money worth.

Really out dated specs for premium price. Do your homework better chipset and newer OS with higher video ram and internal staorage for half the cost “new”

Any suggestions that include an IPTV subscription?

No description about the service content. For $299? You are better off with a $30-ish box from the mothership and some thinkering to watch all you want forever for free.

Hey look, here’s a dated reference:

“ENDLESS LIBRARY OF MOVIES like having your own personal Blockbuster Video store.”

Considering Blockbuster is all but extinct, I don’t know what to think. Will this product be as worthless as a Blockbuster franchise, and how soon?

I don’t see what this does that my $25 chromecast doesn’t. Or any other device costing hundreds less. Save ur money for more popcorn.

Glancing at the remotes this works out to around 50 cents per button you can push. A real bargain!


Buy a $35 Raspberry Pi 3, $5 case, $20 keypad, $10 32GB micro SD card (all from Amazon). $70 total and have a very good streaming device. Heck, you can also put Retropie on it and have one of those “mini Nintendo’s” that were sold everywhere at Christmas too.

Easy as Pi!!! If anyone needs help, hit me up.

I second this. You have to set the cache high enough to stream without buffering, but OSMC will get you LOTS of content, especially with free add-ons.

Any recommendations on one?

AmazOOT once again trying to turn chicken terd liquidations into Bezos Chicken Salads of Profit.

You have got to be kidding me. This is a load of BS… Save your money folks, this is a POS.

For $100 less you could buy an Nvidia Shield, which is the best you can get, put Kodi on it, and have the top of the line device. With more features and better gaming.

Can anyone recommend something for international WOOTee? I want streamer that can:

  • Connect to the internet (Wi-Fi/LAN)
  • Mirror tablet screen with audio to HDTV
  • Stream media from laptop to HDTV

I don’t have HDTV that has wireless capabilities. Having streambox is the only way to accomplish above.

If you’ve got an iPad and a Mac laptop, go with an Apple TV; the capability to mirror is built into the devices.

If you do not, then it gets a little trickier. I know a Chromecast will mirror from an android device (phone/tablet) but I don’t know about mirroring from a computer.