Renegade UHD/4K Streaming Media Player

what happened to all the previous comments?

Why, they’re right here…

I’m not saying that this product stinks, but so far they have sold two. If your going to spent this kind of money. Buy an NVidia Shield instead.

Good question. Why did they get moved? Maybe the thread was taking a dark turn and Woot (justifiably) would not want to promote illegally streaming content with something they are selling.

And one thing it doesn’t do (at least can’t find it online or here) is, it’s not a PVR/DVR enabled device so thats a deal breaker as far as trying to replace your STB from the cable company.

This is a different sale so it creates a new thread. The first was a daily sale. Now it’s a Plus sale.

This is severely overpriced. Boxes like this (I’ve owned several) sell for anywhere between $40 to $90. This one isn’t that special. And the best box of this type is the Xiomi Mi box, which is far more powerful, has Android TV, and sells for about $80.

If you go read the previous contents from a previous sale, you might think otherwise. You get some subscriptions FREE (cough cough) that you normally have to pay for. The subs alone all but pay for the box.
Previous Comments

It looks like a over priced raspberry pi. You can build pretty much the same thing with the same style remote for about 85 dollars.

I’ve owned multiple Anroid based TV boxes. There is are only negligible differences between most of them. Trying to get a clear side by side of specs is like a riddle, especially since most come from overseas.

That being said, most are in the $100 range, not $300, especially refurbished. The Amazon Fire TV Box is the best value out there and works excellent in my experience. This Renegade box advertises Kodi as one of it’s free premium services, that’s borderline fraud since Kodi is free for everyone’s use.

Also this box is ugly A.F.

Is there a list of channels it can receive ? I watch The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, ESPN, TCM. Does it get local channels ?

I think it’s been mentioned here and in the “other comments” that you get some subscriptions to “channels” that you don’t get with those cheaper boxes unless you buy one from the guy in the van who has already added some hacked channels. Your average home user thinks a raspberry Pi is something in the bakery section at WalMart and would have no clue how to set one up. These boxes, just like SMART tv’s are for people who don’t want to fiddle around with technology. They just want to watch tv.

This is streaming box. And an overpriced one at that. For this kind of money, you could get the Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

So these streaming boxes use the internet to pull down content through different apps like netflix, amazon prime video, hulu, etc. You can go get a $60 box and do the same thing. Don’t pay extra for addons, they are usually free anyway.

Their are several differences in this box, which is a premium box, vs other boxes. Yes, there are cheaper boxes, but as they say you get what you pay for. One being this box constantly looks for new addons being put out while others come pre-loaded, and if they offer OTA updates they are only updating the pre-loaded apps they have decided you needed. When some of the addons disappear or stop working well your able to see the logo still with loading circle that never loads anything. With a premium box like this they keep up with the new addons coming out, and automatically update these to your box without you having to do anything to load them in addition to keeping the ones already loaded to the box up to date as updates come out. The other thing is the premium addons that do cost money on a subscription basis. Anyone that has really gotten into streaming find this often as they download an addon only to find it requires a subscription to access the addon. These premium boxes like Renegade have paid for these subscriptions for the most popular subscription addons for you. So if you want a cheaper box that you will have to load addons yourself as new ones come out, not have access to premium subscription addons or willing to pay for them, and are a expert in programming Kodi Boxes then this isn’t the box for you. If you want a plug and play system that doesn’t pre-decide what the most popular are to only load/update them on their box, comes with lifetime subscription already loaded to the premium addons, and constantly OTA updates the addons loaded plus adds the new ones as they come out automatically for you without you having to do anything then this is the box for you. You will have those that say everything is free, will argue this, but don’t take my knowledge for it do some research. Instead of listing all Renegade comes with, and why its a premium box I will just list a few. Check it out for yourself and you will see why many run into an addon they want only to find it requires a subscription after they install it.

IPTV Mania - - subscription paid with other boxes $115.00yr
Sports Access - – subscription paid with other boxes $58 for 180days
Evolution IPTV - - $100 year subscription
Channel Up - $29.97 a month

Many will argue I have no clue what I’m talking about, and they will keep their simple Kodi cheap boxes with it’s limitations. I personally sell both the cheap boxes, and the higher end boxes. All the time we have customers come in asking why they can’t access what we are playing in our store, and we say it’s because you bought xxx box which doesn’t come with that addon which may or may not be subscription based. They then don’t know how to add it to their box, don’t want to pay for the premium addons on a subscription basis, or are disappointed they went with a cheaper solution. BAM we sell them the upgrade. They come back happier than ever with their new box, and can’t believe the difference in the use. We retail these for $499.00 everyday. This is a great deal at that price.

To answer your original question all the channels you mentioned are available on this box. Let me be clearer as with all boxes on Live TV, it may not be your “local” ABC, CBS, ect… but it will be live ABC, CBS, ect…

Actually their is a premium Kodi addon this isn’t the Kodi software you speak of. There are many diamond rings that are ugly too, but bet the woman prefers it over Cubic Zirconia. Do you prefer cheap or premium, Ferrari or Pinto. Guess your preference.

What’s the premium addon? Something an end user could add themselves?

Yeah, but in his defense, I think I would take the word of the owner of a pinto over one who is trying to sell them. Enough reviews on youtube about these boxes to help one make a educated purchase. I can buy a kit to turn a VW chassis into a GT but I still have a VW.

Edit: But from what you are saying, this box CONTAINS all the premium addon’s (well, not all), but enough to make this a nice box for some college kid living in an apartment w/broadband who doesn’t want to pay for any sub’s (other then netflix, hulu, etc…)? But I’m assuming it does. And I hope those subscriptions are not just for the 1 year and roll over each year?

But if this box is all you said it was, it’s a good deal and pays for it’s self in a years time. Thanks for your input.

What kind of PVR/DVR abilities does this have? Not seeing a USB connection so is it ONLY a “tuner” (to use a common term) Oh, never mind, I understand WHY there isn’t a USB port or DVR/PVR ability with this box It’s OK to watch illegal streams but not ok to record them. :wink:

Sorry, I can’t do Renegade. I play Paragon.

Once box is hooked up, do each of the PREMIUM addons require the user to setup an account? If these have lifetime memberships, wondering if it requires the user to set up each account or does it come ready to plug and play?